Wolves At The Gate

Wolves At The Gate is a five-piece from the Dayton/Columbus area in Ohio. They began with two of the members (Steve Cobucci/Guitar and Vocals and Ryan Connelly/Drums) just jamming for fun in Steve’s living room until they were asked to play a show and realized they needed a full band. They enlisted the help of Jeremy Steckel and Ben Summers to complete the band temporarily. They played two shows together like this and at their second show they met Colin Jones who then expressed interest in joining the band.

(Brian) Hello with whom do I have the honor of speaking?

(Steve) Steve Cobucci – guitar/clean vocals

(Brian) How would you describe your band’s sound?

(Steve) What we try to do with music is write music that is beautiful melodic and thought out. We really desire to make music that sounds big translates well live and intelligent music that people can connect with rather than something fleeting. At the end of the day we just want to write music that will interest someone regardless of what type of music they like.

(Brian) Who is in the band and what do they play?

(Steve) Steve Cobucci – guitar/clean vocals

Colin Jones – vocals

Ben Summers – bass

Jeremy Steckel – guitar

(Brian) So how was the band formed?

(Steve) Back in April of 2008 by the grace of God He constructed our band with the right men immediately. Ever since I picked up guitar back in 2005 I had been writing had a number of songs finished and had always wanted to start a band but the Lord made me wait…for the right guys so that the ministry of Wolves At The Gate could be effective. Simply put in college I met these three other guys through God’s intentional direction. I knew Ben and Jeremy from various different things in college and knew that they loved the Lord liked good music and were great at their instruments. One our first shows was a house show we played in town and Colin came by after hearing about the show and approached us after the show. He basically just asked if he could be in the band and he joined the band that night. It was awesome to see God’s hand through all of it because all of WATG came together in a matter of a week.

(Brian) And where did you guys come up with the name Wolves at the Gate? Because when I looked it up on the internet it came up as a vampire novel or something.

(Steve) Hahaha yeah that’s not the first time we’ve heard that. Although if you Google Wolves At The Gate you’ll find that we’re the first couple results. Unfortunately for Buffy the Vampire Slayer we’ve taken her throne on the internets.

But in all seriousness the name of our band comes from a passage in Acts 20:26-32. In this passage the apostle Paul is warning the church in Ephesus of those who seek to distort the truth of the Gospel. And in essence the name of our band is not who we are but what we seek to combat. The wolves at the gate are the things in this world that steer us away from the truth steer us into sin and away from God. We admire the apostle Paul for his zeal in spreading the Gospel of God’s salvation and in the same way we have taken up that same mission to go and preach the Gospel to all whom the Lord gives us opportunity.

(Brian) So Wolves at the Gate came out with an album called Pulled from the Deep right? Is there another one on the way?

(Steve) Yeah we’ve got an EP coming out the beginning of February and we couldn’t be more excited for everyone to hear it. We’ve put a lot of hours into everything going into just the music and are really proud of what God has blessed us with.

(Brian) Will the new album be different or the same as past material?

(Steve) It will obviously sound like WATG but we really wanted to put our stamp on hardcore/post-hardcore music by not being afraid to do certain things.

(Brian) Do you guys have an estimated release date for the new album?

(Steve) The beginning of February

(Brian) Which bands were the biggest influences on you guys?

(Steve) As Cities Burn Thrice Underoath were a couple.

(Brian) On another note do you call yourselves a Christian” band? Why or why not?

(Steve) We definitely are not afraid to let people know that we are followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. Our band solely exists to tell people about the Gospel of Jesus’ death on the cross. it’s hard in this day and age to label your band as “Christian” because there are a lot of bands who do not realize the responsibility of being a follower of Christ along with claiming to represent…Christ Jesus.

(Brian) Are there any upcoming shows and/or tours that you would like to inform people about?

(Steve) We aren’t releasing shows/tour dates yet but we will be having our CD release show in February. More updates on shows/tours will be released soon. Be sure to watch Twitter and Facebook for all those updates.

(Brian) Thanks for taking the time to do this interview and keep up the great music! Peace.

” What we try to do with music is write music that is beautiful melodic and thought out. Dec 8

Brian Morrissette