Within plays a wide variety of styles such a rock southern rock hardcore and metal.

Chad(CCM): Whats the history behind Within?
(Within): A bunch of random youth group dudes getting together and jammin for the other youth kids.

Chad(CCM): How did you end up on Strikefirst?
(Within): Jason Dunn called us up and was like We are going to put out your next record.

Chad(CCM): Has the response been good so far?
(Within): Pretty well i hope people like us. We try to be good guys to be around
so that if you dont like our music maybe you’ll like us?

Chad(CCM): Your CD is going to hit in a few days that has be exciting.
(Within): We are super stoked about this record!!

Chad(CCM): Within plays a wide variety of styles such a rock southern rock hardcore
and metal. Was this the plan from the begining or did it just evolve?
(Within): It just kinda happened we all like different things so from that we mix it all up.

Chad(CCM): What is the plan for Within for the rest of the year?
(Within): Some serious touring.

Chad(CCM): What do the members do besides the band?
(Within): Work too much sales restaurants construction.

Chad(CCM): The title of the album seems to be very blunt. Can you explain
why that may be and the whole message behind it.
(Within): Its not a prediction at all just a statement. Everyone should know that the end is near”.

Chad(CCM): Who is Jesus Christ to you?
(Within): He is Alive.

Chad(CCM): Who is Jesus Christ to the band?
(Within): He is our God that we choose to worship. The Freakin man.

Chad(CCM): My friend Craig would like to ask a question:
A lot of Christian bands are taking a different route with
their art. They’re taking a subtle approach with their
message in an effort to reach more listeners/ be more easily
accepted by them. You guys don’t do that yet you still play
to a significant number of secular crowds. Do you feel like
you’ve received any flack for bearing your cross on your sleeve
or are most kids willing to accept that you guys happen to make
good music and don’t turn away just because of your beliefs?
(Within):Most people dont care too much. They dont hate us because we are Christians.
They give our music a chance usually.

Chad(CCM): I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you guys several times and the live
show is always crazy. Have you ever had any onstage accidents maybe Andy
slinging his bass into someone?
(Within): ohh deff. He knocked me out one time. complete black-out.
it was scary. He hit Zak in the head before too.

Chad(CCM): Within are playing Cornerstone in IL this year. Have you played the fest before
and what time will you be playing this year?
(Within): Cstone was amazing. no one knew who we were but it was cool.

Chad(CCM): Strikefirst records has some amazing bands such as Jesus Wept Counting the Days etc.
How does it feel to be apart of such an amazing roster?
(Within): It’s awsome being on a label with such amazing bands.
It humbles us to know these other bands are so much better.

Chad(CCM): Do you feel Within fits right in with all of the Strikefirst bands?
(Within): Style wize not really but we have met a few of the dudes from different bands
and as far as dudes we fit right in I think.

Chad(CCM): What was the first Within practice like?
(Within): It sucked.

Chad(CCM): What were some of the members first bands like?
(Within): This was really our first band i guess.

Chad(CCM): There are so many bands out now So what sets you guys apart from all the others?
(Within): Im not sure to be honest we sound alot like other bands i guess. sad face.

Chad(CCM): Will you play my birthday party?
(Within): Yes Of course.

Chad(CCM): Did you ever hear that old band also called Within who i believe the singer
went on to sing for Embodyment?
(Within): We have heard of them. I think they broke up but yeah they were good.

Chad(CCM): How can people check you guys out and who can they contact for booking?
(Within): check us out at withinmusic.net myspace purevolume. etc. etc.

Chad(CCM): Any last comments?
(Within): Throw down and have fun love one another.

” live”

Guest Writer