The Unfolding

Cory: This is Cory from CCM who is this and what do you do in The Unfolding?

Bradley:I am Bradley and I play guitar for the Unfolding (aka Josiah)

Cory: So a band from Europe had the same name (Josiah) and threatened to sue if you didn’t change yours? So I heard.
Bradley:haha yes… that’s fairly accurate. Apparently we weren’t registered and because our label at the time (indie vision music) was considered “independent” we didn’t have many grounds for a counter suit or whatever. So we just figured it was easier to change our name. For the most part it’s been a good thing because at the time of the name change we were also going through a line up change so it kind of put a new name with the new faces. We still play some Josiah material and we’re still very much a Christian band.

Cory: So it wasn’t that bad after-all. Since the band has had a line-up change is its goal still to re-establish the Spirit-Filled hardcore movement?
Bradley:well as I said we are still very much a Christian band. It’s actually funny that you bring this up because we were just talking about this the other day. My thoughts on the current “Christian hardcore scene” co-inside with that of the rest of the unfolding. Our thoughts are that it is SO easy to get caught up in the “label” of being a “Christian band” that it loses it’s significance and depth. There are so many self-proclaimed Christian bands these days that really don’t do anything to glorify God. I mean whether it’s on stage or off and I guess that we (the Unfolding) didn’t want to be another one of those bands. So currently we’re working on our personal relationships and keeping each other accountable. Personally I think that’s so much more important than just not giving a crap and then going up on stage every weekend and acting as an example. We are in no way perfect but for that we have Christ to look towards. Getting back on topic to sum it up I’d say that we would rather be looked at as Christians IN a band rather than a “Christian band”.

Cory: I see your point a lot of bands claim “Christian” but they certainly do not act it. Almost like they are doing it to be cool. I like to prefer to hardcore (the genre) Christian bands as ministry bands. One who sole purpose is to glorify God and reach the lost for Christ. Make a change in the hearts of its listeners.
Bradley:exactly. we are very much a ministry band. But we want others to see that we are different because of our relationships between our band and the listeners not because it says “spirit-filled hardcore” on our t-shirt. You want others to see the difference in you. Lifestyle Evangelism exactly my point.

Cory: For someone who hasn’t heard The Unfolding who would you say you sound most similar to and what are your influences?
Bradley:I’d say that our sound closely resembles a combination of 7 angels 7 plagues / old Norma jean / unearth/ old Hopesfall. Our influences vary so much from each other. I think for the most part we all grew up on stuff like stongarm unashamed focal point innermeans etc… But there have been so many other bands that gotten us where we are musically. Everything from radiohead sunny day real estate saves the day to bands like depeche mode genesis and the foo fighters. Every member of the band listens to completely different genres than what we play but this is the genre we feel most compelled to play.

Cory: The Unfolding’s last release was around a year from now when can we expect a new release and where can we get it from. I know that I definitely will be picking up one; I still listen to “Verona” at least once a week.
Bradley:well like you said “Verona” came out in May of last year under Indie vision music out of California. We were still under the name “Josiah” at the point. Since then stylistically we have grown tremendously. Not only do we have a new vocalist (James Willis) who we feel fills the band so much better than our previous one… but we also have a synth player (Ty Brenneman) now who gives us a whole new depth. In regards to new material a couple weeks ago the Unfolding made our way down to Nashville to the neve studio (one of the nicest places I’ve ever been.) with producer/recording tech Jason Bodley to record a new 2-song demo for promotional use. It is currently being mastered; down south and the projected release date is some time in mid May. It is entitled “here’s to the glory… here’s to the night” and distribution will be limited to shows as again the chief reason for the recording is for potential labels. The songs are still under the same genre as everything on Verona but look for a much more mature sound. Lots of beefy breakdowns/two step/vocal harmonies. We’re much more pleased with this than Verona. As far as listeners from afar you will be able to stream/download the songs from our myspace at

Cory: I enjoy Synth players; it will add another new dynamic to your music.
Bradley:totally. He’s a great guy too. One of the most funny spiritually uplifting guys I’ve ever met.

Cory: Have you done any touring since Last Summer? Or has the whole change of the band been taking place over that time?
Bradley:actually since the release of “Verona” we have gone through some of the most challenging times we’ve had in the 2 and a half years we’ve been a band. Everything from our van blowing up to line up changes to our label going under. Things weren’t looking too bright for our future there for a while. We took about a 6 month break where we would play very seldom. About 3 months ago we all sat down and prayed about it and decided that if we were still going to do this we wanted to really do it. Our former vocalist had just moved and he and his wife just had their baby so we needed to get a new one. We also wanted to really grow spiritually. That being said we decided to get in gear in all aspects of our band and wrote some new material (the first since Verona) and acquired our new members. Touring has proven to be difficult as most of us are students or work full time. This summer we should be doing something before cornerstone but we’re not sure what. Our clothing sponsor epiphany clothing ( is looking to set up a tour so we will maybe be on that if our schedules permit such things. We will still be playing around the greater Midwest every weekend regardless. Also we will be at cornerstone IL.

Cory: Speaking of touring how would you describe your live show?
Bradley:I think it’s easy for a band to get up on stage and bang their heads and swing their guitars. However it’s so common to see lack of passion in their shows. While the unfolding is still big on all the clich? mosh calls and the sort we do have a very intense live shows. We love crowd interaction and that is emphasized with our new front man who is a very “in your face” type vocalist. We’re very passionate about the music we play and the God we play it for and I think that comes through in our live show.

I just like to think that James has a sense of intensity that our previous ones didn’t. We love to get the crowd riled up and he’s great at that. But he’s also great at letting everyone know that there are bigger reasons that we do our band other than who’s who at a show or the mosh or fashion… whatever we do our band to glorify Christ and he’s sincere in that.

Cory: Yea I hate being at a show when everyone has his or her arms folded standing back. Those are boring.
Bradley:our scene is very supportive. and that’s very rare in our shows.

Cory: That is good. Where do you hope see The Unfolding 2 years from now?
Bradley:You know that’s really hard to say. I mean if God has it in the cards for us I’d love to be a touring band… but at the same time I’d like to finish school and all that. The next couple months will provide much more light on the future. We’re going to wait ’til we hear from labels and the really pray about it. I’d love to tour full time and I know the rest of us would as well. It’s just up in the air until we figure out what God wants for us as a band and individually.

Cory: Has The Unfolding ever been ridiculed for saying their beliefs on stage? Or maybe a church because of the screaming?
Bradley:um people are generally very respectful as far as our beliefs. I mean we’ve never been booed or anything when we tell people what we’re all about. I think whether people are into Christianity or not… or whether it’s a kid coming to a show or the same kid’s grandma…. everyone can find some common ground with our band. Even if kids don’t share the same beliefs as us people are usually down with our music… and for those not down with the music they’re cool about our beliefs. So it has its way of working out. We’ve met so many people on the road that have never heard our style of music associated with Christianity. Whether it’s giving the kid at the Wendy’s drive through a cd or talking to a group of bikers we can usually find common ground which breed’s respect.

Cory: Thanks for your time and God Speed.
Bradley:Just a Huge thanks to everyone who supports us and had been praying for us.

” live”

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