The Radio Fix

Throughout the industry The Radio Fix are creating a buzz with music in the vein of Jimmy Eat World Brand New and Foo Fighters fueled by honest inspiring lyrics crunching guitars solid rhythms and melodies that follow. In the final month of 2005 the band released their debut EP Of Hyacinth and Jasmine” produced by Matt Goldman (Cartel As Cities Burn Copeland).”

Chad (CCM): What’s the bands story?

(The Radio Fix): Well it started out as just something for a few friends to get together and do for fun. A few of us had just gotten out of some heavier bands and just wanted to play some rock music. After we started writing some songs we started realizing that this could possibly go somewhere and we all got along really well. The only problem for a while was that we didn’t have a true singer. We had tryouts and went through a few that just didn’t click. Finally one day Nathan came to practice and said he knew this dude on the soccer team that sings all the time. Well that guy turned out to be Craig and the rest is history. Now we’re just trying to lay it all on the line and make a profession out of the band.

Chad (CCM): You have released an EP called Of Hyacinth and Jasmine” Where does the title come from?

(The Radio Fix): Well I don’t write the lyrics but I’ll try to tell you as best as I can. Hyacinth and Jasmine are the only two scents you can smell during stigmata. Stigmata is the wounds of Christ showing up on people and the CD is about man’s attempt to recognize things within himself that will prove to him that he can do amazing things. Pretty much people can be limited with resources and still accomplish wonderful things.

Chad (CCM): The EP was recorded with Matt Goldman (Copeland Anberlin As Cites Burn etc.). How was it working with someone who has helped on so many great albums in the past few years?

(The Radio Fix): It was pretty interesting. The recording process wasn’t exactly how I imagined it would be. Matt and the whole process was pretty laid back. We watched The Office took long lunch breaks and just talked a lot. But working with him taught us a lot.

Chad (CCM): The lyrics are printed inside the EP but for others who don’t have it yet what are some of the main topics the lyrics focus on?

(The Radio Fix): Well most of the songs focus on a persons struggle to do what’s right and to try and be the best Christian or person you can possibly be. The Sweetest Air is more of a love song though. I guess there has to be at least one love song on any CD.

Chad (CCM): Where can someone find “Of Hyacinth and Jasmine”? And will you ship it or does it have to be purchased at shows?

(The Radio Fix): Well there’s three different ways to pick up our EP. You can order it off of or you can hit us up on and we’ll ship one out to you or you can experience The Radio Fix first hand and purchase the CD at our shows.

Chad (CCM): Just recently The Radio Fix headed up to Nashville TN to work with Steve Wilson (Jonezetta Juliana Theory etc.) for the next leg of songs. How did the band end up working with him?

(The Radio Fix): We had played a few shows with Steve’s band (The Class of 98) and him and Nick had shown some interest in recording us. When we found out we were stoked cause we knew what great work he does.

Chad (CCM): Is the band going to release these new songs or just hold off for a while?

(The Radio Fix): I think the plans for these songs at the present time are to send off to labels and try to get the ball rolling. Later on we might put them up online but in the time being you can come harass us and I’m sure one of us will let you hear a song or two.

Chad (CCM): Can I still be your friend on myspace?

(The Radio Fix): Chad you will always be our friend on and off of myspace. You’re in our Top 8 for goodness sakes. Chad Hughes = The Radio Fix’s unofficial 6th member.

Chad (CCM): The band has been picked up by a few sponsors Who are they?

(The Radio Fix): Well Josh is sponsored by C and C drums and the band is sponsored by Embrace apparel Both are awesome companies and everyone should go check them out. If you support us then you should support them.

Chad (CCM): The Radio Fix has been compared to bands such as Recover Saves the Day Acceptance and several others. Do you feel this is an honor or being compared to any band is an insult?

(The Radio Fix): Well when you mention bands like that of course it’s an honor. Those bands are amazing and to even be mentioned in the same sentence is like insane.

Chad (CCM): Everyone in the group has been in several bands before. Has this help The Radio Fix and what are some things you feel were the most important lessons learned from those bands?

(The Radio Fix): I don’t think it’s helped The Radio Fix per say because our previous bands include a metal band and a hardcore band. But the experience has helped us all as individuals in the band. We can carry ourselves more professionally and be more prepared for things. An important lesson I learned was that you couldn’t just sit around and expect things to happen.

Chad (CCM): Do you have any band horror stories?

(The Radio Fix): Well it seems like every out of town show we had for a good 4 month period one of our cars would always break down. We’ve had to almost cancel several shows because of car troubles.

Chad (CCM): On a lighter side The Radio Fix had the privilege to play the Warped Tour this year. How was that?

(The Radio Fix): It was an awesome experience. The heat that day was just too much but we had a decent crowd and I managed to not pass out. If anything its something that not many people can say they’ve done so it was definitely an honor to be able to play.

Chad (CCM): I’m sure playing that had be an amazing time with some of the best bands in the business. Who are some bands you enjoy playing with on a regular basis?

(The Radio Fix): We always love playing with Within The Class of 98 A Plea For Purging Nevertheless and honestly more than you’d probably like me to mention so I’ll stop right there.

Chad (CCM): Besides The Radio Fix what do you guys do in the “real world”?

(The Radio Fix): First off Adam is a nuclear reactor operator at TVA Nathan works at Enterprise rent-a-car Craig is a house keeping lady and me and Josh are pharmacy techs at Eckerds but not the same one though (Mine is cooler).

Chad (CCM): My friend T.J. has a question: Who is Jesus Christ to you?

(The Radio Fix): Well to me Jesus Christ is everything. I struggle everyday with my beliefs but I’m working really hard at improving. With Him neither this band nor I would exist. He’s the man with the master plan.

Chad (CCM): With the band having Christian members do you feel the band has a ministry aspect?

(The Radio Fix): This is a question we get asked all the time. We don’t call ourselves a Christian band but if our lyrics help you in any way understand what Jesus can do for you better then that’s awesome. So I guess to answer your question yes I suppose the band does have a ministry aspect.

Chad (CCM): Who in the world is Jon Bowen?

(The Radio Fix): When we first met Jon Bowen he was the bass player for a band called The Apology Letter but now Jon is a good friend and takes care of a lot of the business side of the band. He never shuts up but is a pretty cool dude.

Chad (CCM): What is plan for the band as of now? Any tour dates coming soon?

(The Radio Fix): Well right now we’re waiting to get the finished product on the recording with Steve Wilson to send out and hopefully in October during Nathan and Josh’s break from college we’re gonna try to do a week and a half long tour. Until then though you can count on us playing shows just about every weekend so make sure you come catch us at a few of them.

Chad (CCM): Where can people find out more information about The Radio Fix?

(The Radio Fix): Of course the big one and we have a All of our personal myspaces have links on our page so if you can’t find something you want to know message one of us and we’ll try our best to keep you fully informed.
Chad (CCM): Wait you have a myspace?

(The Radio Fix): Dude I saw today that Ron Burgundy has a myspace. it’s ridiculous. I’m currently looking for my dad Billy Ray’s myspace.

Chad (CCM): Any last comments?

(The Radio Fix): Just like to say thanks to everyone that has supported us at shows and buying our CD and shirts and such. All of you guys are awesome. And of course I would like to thank you Chad for being such an awesome friend to the band and always they’re to lend a helping hand. You rock brother!!! And oh yea Josh our drummer is single if any of you ladies are interested.

Chad (CCM): Hahahaha

” Most of the songs focus on a persons struggle to do whats right and to try and be the best Christian or person you can possibly be. I struggle everyday with my beliefs but I’m working really hard at improving.”

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