The Gentleman Homicide

THE GENTLEMAN HOMICIDE a five piece band calling Amarillo Texas home have been dazzling audiences with their intense live performances since forming in early 2003. Starting locally and quickly expanding the band endeavored to play for as many willing audiences as possible eventually leading the band to embark on tours of the Midwest and later nationally. Having survived the countless member changes most young bands experience THE GENTLEMAN HOMICIDE’s current lineup are a cohesive unit sharing a true passion to succeed.

Rudy(CCM) Who is in the band names and instruments?
(TGH) Adam Thron – guitar Max Vinson – guitar Josh Barbee – vocals Matt Jameson -drums Josh Jackson – Bass.

Rudy(CCM)Which member or members am I speaking with?
(TGH) Matt and Josh Barbee

Rudy(CCM) How did you guys get together?
(TGH) We’ve all been playing in bands around Amarillo except Josh B. for a few years. We all just came together and then met Josh on our first tour in KS. When our old singer quit he moved down here and started doing vocals.

Rudy(CCM) Tell me a little bit about the band?
(TGH) We signed with Blood and Ink Records in January and just released our debut full-length entitled Understanding the Words We Speak. We’ve been touring constantly for about a year.

Rudy(CCM) How did you decide on the name The Gentleman Homicide and were did it Come from?
(TGH) We decided on it because it means the death of Christ. Referring to Christ as the ultimate gentleman.

Rudy(CCM) How did you guys end up on blood and ink records?
(TGH) We met the BandI guys at Cornerstone 2005 and had been in talks with them throughout that year. They saw us touring and decided to sign us early 2006.

Rudy(CCM) Were you guys excited to see the new record come out and how is it Doing so far?
(TGH) We’re stoked to have an album out. So far we’ve been getting a good response from kids that have bought it and from reviews we’ve read about it.

Rudy(CCM) Your sound is a bit different than what a lot of bands are doing Explain…
(TGH) We all listen to a lot of different things. We right what
We’re feeling and listening to but we always like to put a little more complex spin on stuff.

Rudy(CCM) This is a common question but I am very excited to hear the answer from you what are your influences?
Matt – I really enjoy jazz drumming. I like listening to drummers that are all over and have a jazzy influence rather than just cut and dry. bands: Thirty Called Arson The Dillinger Escape Plan etc. More technical stuff of that nature.
Josh – I listen to a lot of different types of music but my biggest influences would probably have to be bands like Coalesce Thirty Called Arson Ed Gein. As well as bands like N.I.V. and other bands that really stand up for their beliefs. Other guys listen to everything from Indie to Hip Hop and Country…it’s really diverse.

Rudy(CCM) Any summer or fall tours ahead for you guys?
(TGH) Yeah. We’ve been out this summer with Blood Comes Cleansing through June and July where we hit up Cornerstone IL. We’re enjoying a 10-day break and then we leave again through Aug. and Sept. with Kingston Falls.

Rudy(CCM) Tell me about your lyrics what do you guys write about and who does the writing?
(TGH) We all share in the writing process. If someone’s got an idea or going through something we’ll put it in the music. We like to talk about our faith but we want to do it in a real way. A way that kids can relate even if they don’t believe the same.

Rudy(CCM) How has God influenced the band?
(TGH) We just feel like God’s touched us all in a separate way through life. We feel that if we’re going to play music we need to do it for a reason and try to give back a little of what He’s given us. We wouldn’t accomplish anything without His grace and blessings.

Rudy(CCM) I’ve noticed a lot of bands from Texas including you guys. Make sure to let people know you’re from their why is that?
(TGH) haha. Texas is marketable to say the least. It’s the only state that is allowed to fly the flag as high as the American flag…and the only state that can succeed from the Union. People that live here are just full of pride and bands can easily play off that. …And TX is better than everywhere 😉

Rudy(CCM) The cover art on the new cd is pretty cool who deiced to go with a letter looking format?
(TGH) We just talked about doing something a little different than the stereotypical hardcore CD. We are a little different style and wanted a little different art to go along with it. We talked and just kind of came up with that as an idea. My at Harmonies Madness Design Lab did a great job going for the look we asked for.

Rudy(CCM) What are some of the goals of The Gentleman Homicide?
(TGH) We would love to just stay on tour with bigger bands. We want to do support tours for whomever we can. We hope to put out a second record after touring on this one and hopefully kids will know our band and what we stand for.

Rudy(CCM) I missed you guys on the blood and ink tour how was it?
(TGH) The other two bands are amazing guys. We loved hanging out with them.

Rudy(CCM)Any last words or comments?
(TGH) If people haven’t checked us out we just Ask them to hit us up at and go buy the record. Tell us what you think.

Thanks for doing this interview and the new record is awesome. Thank you guys.

Mar 29, 2006 live

Guest Writer