The Captive

They put out a cd a while ago that was produced by Matt Lucas (Terminal Tooth & Nail/Solid State) and Cody Bonnette (As Cities Burn Tooth & Nail/Solid State) and mastered by West West Side Music (Brand New Every Time I Die). Now they’re back with a new and more refined cd called A New Grip With Tired Hands.”

(Brian) First off what is your name and what do you play in the band?

(Ryan) Ryan Piper and I play guitar and sing

(Brian) Who else plays in the band and what do they play?

(Ryan) Abe Lawless plays bass Brandon Reynolds plays drums and Tyler Collins plays guitar

(Brian) So how did the band get its start?

(Ryan) We’ve all been in different bands before in the past. The Captive kind of came together when others fell apart. It started out just Abe and me in 2008. I was living in San Marcos TX and he was living in Denton TX. We would demo stuff out on Garageband and send it to each other. When we finally got what we felt like were some solid concepts we got together with Chris Gildea our former drummer and Brian Cave our former guitarist to hammer the rest of the details out. After just a few more weeks of practice we went into the studio with Matt Lucas (Terminal/Solid State) and Cody Bonnette (As Cities Burn/Solid State) and recorded our first EP the firstsix songs we ever wrote. We did a small regional tour after that and I ended up moving to Denton. Chris and Brian left shortly after we released that first EP and we picked up Brandon and started jamming some new stuff out with him. After a month on the road summer 2009 we felt like we really had a new direction for where we were going and started writing a lot more. December ’09 we picked up Tyler and finished our second EP up in October 2010. It’s been a long road but we’re super stoked about what we were able to lay down.

(Brian) How would you describe your band’s sound?

(Ryan) We always just say rock. I guess you could put us in the indie rock genre. Some big influences for us are Brand New Colour Revolt and Manchester Orchestra.

(Brian) How many albums has The Captive released? Where can you get them?

(Ryan) The Way You Behave (2009) can be found on iTunes or at a show. A New Grip With Tired Hands (2010) can be found on iTunes or at a showor for a free download at

Brian Morrissette