The Blue Letter

Kevin: So what do you want to know about rock?
BetsyRoxet: Haha I want to know what’s happening with The Blue Letter Gang
Kevin: You know just playing as many shows as possible. Having fun I guess.

BetsyRoxet: Well didn’t you guys come out with a new EP a bit ago?
Kevin: Yea it was a three song EP. I really was surprised by how well it came out. I wasn’t even in the band at the time but I was there during the recording process.
BetsyRoxet: I’ve seen it around

BetsyRoxet: I hear you are also vocalist in another formulating band?
Kevin: Yea “make haste you!”
BetsyRoxet: make haste?

BetsyRoxet: so are you at liberty to talk about this new project which you vocalize in?
Kevin: Sure. I don’t know that the rest of the band would be stoked if the blue letter interview was all about me!
BetsyRoxet: So then tell me about the Blue Letter my friend. It’s hard to get much out of the famous Kevin Lee
Kevin: The Blue Letter is a band of friends. That’s It’s defining factor. We would be hanging out with each other all the time regardless.
Kevin: What do you want to know about the band.
BetsyRoxet: shows new plans new recordings side projects. No dirt
Kevin: I’m sure we have shows coming up… check the web >site(just .com it)
BetsyRoxet: Well Kevin Lee can you tell me about any recordings coming up?
Kevin: I think we want to record a couple more songs pretty soon. We’re not sure what we want to do with them yet. The new songs have a bit of a different feel.
BetsyRoxet: I’d also like to ask if you are still working with the blinding lights spectacular show at the beginnings?
BetsyRoxet: different feel?
Kevin: Yea hopefully I’ll have like a giant eagle light show soon and soon sunglasses will be required to get in the door.
BetsyRoxet: hahahaha
Kevin: The new sound isn’t softer or anything….I guess more driving and less hits if that makes sense.
BetsyRoxet: Yes my friend wanted to get really close to see you guys and I said you don’t want to do that but she wouldn’t listen. and as soon as the lights it she yelled “my eyes!”.
Kevin: A little more melodic.
BetsyRoxet: Ahhh
BetsyRoxet: Comparative to anything?
Kevin: No it’s always been hard for me to compare this band to something else.
BetsyRoxet: fair enough

BetsyRoxet: Well how is the scene over there?
Kevin: What do you mean “the scene”
BetsyRoxet: Well do you find a lot of bands up there that give you a good show?
Kevin: Yea we play a lot with the same bands its fun were all friends. Then we’ll play some out of town shows with In Reverent fear and stuff. It’s fun.

BetsyRoxet: tell me some of your fave shows you’ve done.
Kevin: Norma Jean and Me without You was really fun. Me without You is one of my favorite new bands
BetsyRoxet: really?
Kevin: Yea they just have a great sound that’s unique and great lyrics. I guess the lead singer is an English major or something definitely an interesting person

BetsyRoxet: So anything new coming from The Blue Letter?
Kevin: We might be touring with InReverentFear but I don’t know if it will work out. With so many people in the band…There’s just that many more work schedules and stuff that much more drama. I think that makes us more interesting of a band all those personalities colliding .
BetsyRoxet: I agree Well sounds like you need to get going
Kevin: Yea…..thanks to everyone who comes out to the shows I hope your all doing well. To God be the glory.
BetsyRoxet: talk to you later
Kevin: bye thanks a lot

——————————————– blue letter interview pt. 2 ————————————————

BetsyRoxet: So tell me what’s new with The Blue Letter>?
Ryan: We have been playing some shows with some great bands and are preparing for the summer.

BetsyRoxet: what’s in store for the summer?
Ryan: I just finished college so I’m back home and the band is ready to start rehearsing and working on new music. We are going back into the studio at the end of the summer to record our songs that didn’t end up on the latest record. We also just started working on a full-length so that’ll keep us busy for a while..
BetsyRoxet: Yeah I’ve listened to some of your EP and from what I heard I liked.
Ryan: Thanks! We’ve been getting some great reviews including one in the new issue of HM but the biggest criticism is that it is too short.
BetsyRoxet: I heard you guys got 3.5 stars out 4. Well at least you left them begging for more
Ryan: The studio session was originally planned for a split with another band but it ended up being our 3 song EP.

BetsyRoxet: what band would this have been?
Ryan: The Evaluation I think haha. It was right around the time I joined the band so I didn’t really have anything to do with planning that one.

BetsyRoxet: ahhh Any fest this summer or are is the band focusing on recording?
Ryan: We don’t have any plans for any major touring right now but we’ll continue playing throughout the West Coast.
BetsyRoxet: nice

BetsyRoxet: Can you tell me the meaning behind “When will these barricades fall”?
Ryan: The title of the record is an extension of our band philosophy. We want to play for all types of people regardless of their beliefs social status or taste in music. There are so many division within society as a whole that change becomes near impossible. As a Christian band we come with a set of beliefs that we’d like to impart on the world but at the same time we must work within the scene to be united or else change will never happen. If you look at just the local Christian scene there are a lot of divisions based on genre alone. We play with all types of bands so that this can start to be broken down.
BetsyRoxet: very detailed I agree
Ryan: We have all played in bands for a long time so we just want to do things our way rather than what’s conventional.

BetsyRoxet: That’s what separates you from other bands?
Ryan: I wouldn’t say that we are so different in that respect that would be condescending to think that we operate in the “right” way. We just try to do what we think is right. We don’t play only churches or only rock clubs. We don’t play with just punk bands or metal bands. A lot of bands have this same view already but we need more bands to do the same.

BetsyRoxet: do you think you are “going against” the scene by bringing it to all sorts of venues and people?
Ryan: I’ve never understood “the scene” to be perfectly honest with you! Within The Blue Letter you have 6 people that come from all different backgrounds and have different musical tastes and come together to try and do something new. I have friends that listen to rap and friends that listen to college rock and I want them to be there as much as a hardcore fan.
Ryan: I think people appreciate that too.
BetsyRoxet: I do.
BetsyRoxet: I think a lot do.
BetsyRoxet: Well I hate to cut this so short but I have to bounce.
Ryan: All right cool. It’s been great talking with you!
BetsyRoxet: you too.
BetsyRoxet: have a great night and good luck recording
Ryan: thanks

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