Ten 33

Formed in their final manifestation in 2004 Ten33 came blazing onto the east coast hardcore scene like a ballistic missile of positivity and heart with their debut release on Blood and Ink Records entitled “Emergency Emergency!” These five boys on fire for underground music drew from a plethora of influences to create their own brand of melodic and honest hardcore the likes of which had never been seen.

Rudy(CCM) Who is in the band names and instruments?
Zach Wentz – bass
Matt Wentz – guitar
Joey Russo – guitar
Zach Nelson – drums
Stephen Poore – vocals

Rudy(CCM) Which member or members am I speaking with?
(Stephen) Actually I’m out of town right now.

Rudy(CCM) Tell me about the band how did ten 33 get together.
(Stephen) Well we were in a band called the Emergency. We decided we wanted to play different music – hardcore. Collectively the guys wanted to play music that kids could go off to. We all grew up listening to hardcore and pop punk. The Emergency was some type of emo/hardcore/pop punk band and we wanted to just do hardcore. So we started Ten33.

Rudy(CCM) What has it been like being on Blood and Ink Records?
(Stephen) Absolutely incredible. The label is awesome. it’s Christ- centered and exemplifies what it means to be a Christian. They love the bands and take care of every band member.

Rudy(CCM) What are some of the main influences you guys have?
(Stephen)Honestly it would probably be Count Me Out Time Flies Kid Dynamite and Carry On.

Rudy(CCM) You guys are breaking up explain?
(Stephen) We’ve seriously accomplished everything Ten33 ever imagines we would. When we first started the band we thought we were going to be nothing more than a regional act releasing a few demos. After releasing two full lengths touring the full US multiple times and making our way through Canada we’ve had a unique oppurtunity to see kids’ lives changed not by our music or the lyrics but by the relationships that we’ve built while being on tour. No longer are we feeling called to continue moving on. But to have a successful close to something that was a very meaningful part of our lives.

Rudy(CCM) How was your guys last tour.
(Stephen) Seriously hilarious. We couldn’t have imagined having a better tour with better friends. Since Remembered was awesome. Call to Preserve was hilarious. And of course the famous xLookingForwardx our best friends could not have been a better band to close the tour with. They’ve seriously blessed us through the years and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

Rudy(CCM) When is your last show and where will it be?
(Stephen) August 5 in Richmond Va at the Nanci Ragun. Also VA Beach on July 29th
at the Warehouse.

Rudy(CCM) Will any other bands be forming from Ten 33?
(Stephen) Yes but you’ll just have to be on the look out to see. I’m not at liberty to say what projects will be going on except for our drummer’s band Radio War.

Rudy(CCM) What was it like being a part of this band?
(Stephen) Organized chaos. We had our ups. We’ve had our downs. We’ve had our unsure moments but in the end we’re still best friends and we always have been. I would consider Ten33 to be my family and just to be able to have the opportunity to share what we love most – Jesus. And our Favorite music hardcore was a very unique experience. We wouldn’t
Change it for the world.

Rudy(CCM) Is there going to be any unreleased or new music coming out before you guys break up?
(Stephen)We wrote a song called This is the End”. It was going to be on a full Length on Blood and Ink Records but we decided to break up. So it won’t be released unless someone wants to put it and one other song from Emergency Emergency on a seven inch.

Rudy(CCM) How has God impacted your music and the band?
(Stephen)In every way shape and form. My only regret is that I was more transparent with my faith. I wish I would have been more open with my short comings and sin in my lyrics but I did give it my all and we all gave it our all. it’s definitely a chapter in our lives that will never
be forgotten.

Rudy(CCM) It would have been awesome to see you guys how come you have never made it to Idaho?
(Stephen)it’s too far. When we would tour up the west coast we would just go up through California and back home through Nevada. We just never made it over to that part. The closest we came was Wyoming.

Rudy(CCM) Any crazy tour stories?
(Stephen)Tour is never crazy people think when you get a bunch of guys in a van that things would get insane. That’s never really been the case. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen some insane things. On our last winter tour I saw a freaking UFO!! I know you think i’m probably nuts!! However I saw it with my own eyes and the bass player of Skylines saw it too (he was riding in our van with us everyone else was sleeping).. I was terrified.

Rudy(CCM) What was the original goal of ten 33 and was that accomplished?
(Stephen) To build relationships and to write lyrics that would make people think about Politics Relationships Faith and Friendships. Finally to write some music that kids could stage dive too.

Rudy(CCM) Is there anything you like to say to your fans and friends you have made as a band?
(Stephen)Thank you.. Thanks for anyone who let us spend the night on their floor feed our faces let us poop in their bathrooms. If it weren’t for Blood and Ink Records staff we wouldn’t have had the chance to do some of the amazing things we’ve been so blessed with. Thanks to BLC XlookingForwardX Called To Preserve Red Baron All In Since Remembered Seventh Star Facedown Records for helping us along the way Down to Nothing Brace war Bloody Sunday MXPX The Silent Type Billy Mutter James O’Neil Sean IYPR Josh XLFX Adara (rip) Radio War Matt Moment Dan (burger boy)James Murphy ANDREW 33 (Sweet Lou) Jaime Nester Anam Cara BRUTAL FIGHT Taking Names (UK) and tons of others we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Rudy(CCM) Any other last words?
(Stephen) Love each other Love hardcore and don’t let it die!!!

“It Never Dies”
“Lifes a struggle everyday you never know what’ll come your wayrunning in circles can’t get out lets find out what lifes about”

Thank you very much for doing this interview you guys will be greatly Missed.

” Apr 12

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