Symphony In Peril

zach: Hey this is zach from what’s your name and what part of symphony in peril do you play?
andy: andy…i play guitar

zach: awesome.. andy what do you think the message is that symphony in peril is trying to send?
andy: there are different messages that we send throughout our lyrics

zach: I see do you have any examples?
andy: yeah overall we want to paint a positive picture in our lyrics.. but things are not always great in life.. sometimes life can suck. that is expressed in some of the lyrics in our new album. in the end we want to be positive like i said and let people know that God can make a difference

zach: it’s a great album too how did you guys come across a title like “The Whore’s Trophy”?
andy: it came from revaltions 17

zach: what were some of your influences when writing “The Whore’s Trophy”?
andy: we were more influenced by a lot of metal bands.. some of these bands include: killswitch engage slayer lamb of god and even fear factory.

zach: “The Whore’s Trophy” is you’re sophmore release how do you feel about your progress as an individual and as a band so far?
andy: umm as a band we have progressed a lot musically.. the difference between the two albums are night and day. as a person.. i dont know haha i havent been asked that before.. a lot has changed in my life over the past year

zach: what can we expect from symphony in peril in the next year?
andy: we are just focusing on the album being released right now and taking each day at a time. we dont have any set plans for next year right now

zach: How do you feel about the Christian music scene today? Anything you would change?
andy: ummm i dont know.. the most change i can do right now is probably just with the band i play in right now.. its not like i can go around telling people to change and to do this different.. or say “you are doing this wrong”.. just go out there and make a change myself is the best way to do that. i think a lot of christian artists are effective in their minsirtsy today maybe more then ever.. you see a lot of great bands playign warped tour and going out on BIG tours with secular bands.. or you see article in big magazine such as alternative press and you really can see these bands making a difference.

zach: very true your second CD release show was not to long ago how was the turn out?
andy: the show was a success it was a bit of a stress for me personally.. but in the end it worked itself out. it was fun that is what matters at the end of the night i guess.

zach: that’s awesome well that concludes my interview thanks for the time andy good luck with your future.
andy: thanks

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