Stars Are Falling

Stars are Falling is a 5-piece metalcore band out of Sacramento CA. Their music and energetic performances have stirred things up everywhere they’ve played and they are proving to be one of the best bands on the rise.

Bryce: To whom am I speaking and what is your position in the band?
Ryan: Ryan I play bass and handle the singing vocals.
Dan: I’m Dan I play drums Adam and Rob (who are not present) are on guitar and Therron is the lead singer.

Bryce: How long was it from your bands inception to the release of “How Many Eyes Have Opened”?
Ryan: Just a little over a year.
Dan: Yeah we started in the fall of 2002 and it was released November of 2003.

Bryce: So in the meantime what were you guys doing to get your name out there?
Ryan: We spent the first year practicing and playing shows as a three piece. Once we added a lead singer we really improved and got the full length together.
Dan: We made up 11×17 flyers with our name and website on it and put them up EVERYWHERE!
Ryan: Yeah Dan was pretty nuts about that.
Dan: So people would be like “Stars are Falling” What’s that? It worked really really well.
Bryce: I believe I saw a bunch of your stickers on a road sign as I left the Target shopping center by my house. (laughs)
Ryan: I wouldn’t doubt it.
Dan: I got lots of angry emails from principals of schools and even the dean of my college said he would press charges if it didn’t stop… (laughing)

Bryce:Tell us a little about that CD style recording location process you know the good stuff.
Dan: Well that CD was the first big thing the band ever did so we really wanted everything to be perfect with it. We recorded it at EME Studios here in Sacramento basically because it was the only place we could afford?
Ryan: “How Many Eyes…” was a big improvement for us. We did a lot of preparation for it. We also produced and financed it ourselves. At the time however we only had one guitarist so it was good but still missing something. We paid for it up front so now we can still sell them at malls on tour and make enough money to eat and its all profit.
Dan: Profit into my stomach!

Bryce: What did you guys do to get the recognition of Blood and Ink?
Ryan: We had been sending press kits to all kinds of labels and Hayley our pseudo manager with really helped us out. She handled all the initial contacts with Jamie at Blood and Ink so thanks Hayley! The toughest part was working out the split. Jamie really wanted a full length from us…but we hadn’t released our EP yet…so we had to figure that out with him.

Bryce: Once you were in contact what went down?
Dan: We had originally planned on releasing the CD as just a 4 song EP and to do everything on our own just like with ‘How Many Eyes’.
Ryan: When we finally worked it out so that we could release the EP on Blood and Ink we had to really push back the release date. We recorded this in December and it came out the 24th of May so kids were going nuts waiting for it.
Ryan: Blood and Ink has been good for us. I think most of Virginia knows who we are now. (laughs)

Bryce: You said Blood and Ink has been good for you what have they done to help you?
Ryan: They have been really good about getting our merch sold. We have never had a good setup to sell merch from our website except through Interpunk. it’s nice to have shirts and hoodies available on their site. They also do a lot of advertising for us so that is helping a lot.
Dan: And they will be getting the CD distribution through places that we would never be able to get on our own like Revhq.
Ryan: Plus they got us this stadium tour opening up for U2.(laughs)
Bryce: Sweet who else is on that Backstreet?
Ryan: Yeah…actually it is Tears for Fears I think.

Bryce: Your new CD “the Failure EP” part of split with Skylines is currently available at Blood and Ink websites. Tell us about it.
Ryan: it’s a great CD. We really poured all our energy into it. it’s our first recording with Adam on the second guitar and it is much more intense than “How Many Eyes”
Dan: We’re really excited about releasing it as a split because it’s getting us exposure on the east coast that we wouldn’t have before touring there again and the same thing for Skylines.
Ryan: We are all very happy with how it came out. We were on a bit of a time constraint but I think we all did well. Therron’s vocals really impressed me. He really stepped up and did a great job.
Dan: When we sat down and talked about doing our 2nd release we decided to write a really good 4 song EP instead of trying to write 10 ok songs. We didn’t have that much time to write but we really took our time with these songs.
Ryan: Skylines have been great. They are really cool guys and we are proud to be working with them. The styles fit well.

Bryce: Have all decided on a single out of those four tracks?
Dan: We have released “A Four Letter Lesson in Letdown” on myspace and purevolume.
Ryan: I think it’s our strongest song on the split.

Bryce: I did hear that sounds freakin’ rad!
Dan: haha’ see!

Bryce: How has your response been to the single so far?
Dan: The response has been great I think people are really excited about the split’s release.
Ryan: Everyone loves it…Kids have only had that song to listen to since January when we first released it. They are screaming at us to get the rest of it…but we have kept a pretty good lid on the rest.
Dan: For the most part…
Ryan: Except for Therron.
Dan: haha
Ryan: He can’t keep anything to himself.
Dan: Yeah like in the van he always touches my side of the seat.
(more laughter)

Bryce: Perhaps this is premature but are there any plans for a video? DVD? Anything of that nature?
Dan: Nothing planned so far but we would love to do a video for one of the songs.
Ryan: I don’t know if we will have time…we have a lot of touring planned and it’s getting time to write a new CD…(laughs) that feels weird ‘cuz our latest is just coming out.
Dan: I always like videos that are mostly shots from shows like the Unearth video for “Black Hearts Now Reign”. I would want one that shows the energy of our showsand yeah they’re cheaper…
Dan: But I’ve always wanted to do one with Therron just crying on a couch for like 4 minutes. I already have plenty of footage for it so it wouldn’t cost anything. (laughter)

Bryce: Poor Therron.
Dan: He knows we love him…

Bryce: Aside from the four songs on the split are in you in the process of writing more? Or have you written?
Ryan: We are working on it…but we are really focusing most of our energy on being prepared for tour.
Dan: Yeah pretty much all our time is dedicated to booking this tour but we’re always writing.
Ryan: Yeah booking your own tour is all kinds of fun…trust me!
Dan: But it is nice doing it ourselves because then we know everything that’s going on. We’re never in the dark about it.

Bryce: Speaking of your National tour… What is the time frame for that and who are you going out with?
Ryan: We leave on the 22nd of June and we will come back on October 1st. it’s going to be a great tour. We are touring alone…its just easier for this tour to work everything out with local promoters. We have also met a lot of bands on our previous tours so it will be nice to play shows with them again.
Dan: I’m really excited about the tour. We haven’t done a full US tour since last summer because when we got home we started writing and recording the CD. I’m getting all antsy. This will be our biggest tour so far. We’re hitting pretty much every major city in the country or at least the suburbs of them… last tour we played IN the cities and it was a pain. New York and Chicago were awesome to be in but driving a 15 passenger van with a trailer through New York traffic was horrible
Ryan: Yeah not fun at all.

Bryce: What do you guys do for fun out on tour aside from shows?
Ryan: Eat tuna or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Dan: I bought $300 worth of fireworks ’cause everywhere has year round fireworks except here. One night in Kansas we were staying at a rest area. We had a bunch of fireworks and we were lighting them off. There was a little pond and we were throwing ground blooms into it and shooting roman candles at the fireflies near it… in the morning we found out that it wasn’t a pond it was a sewage overflow thing and there were huge signs saying WARNING FLAMMABLE… whoops.

Bryce: Describe a SAF show what are your goals for the kids that come out?
Ryan: I would say that when we play we just try to put on the best show we can while still playing cleanly. Even the best bands can be boring at times and we don’t want kids to feel that way about our shows.
Dan: My hope for every show is that all the kids will know the words and sing along. It doesn’t happen too often but when it does its amazing.
Ryan: Yeah we have a video of the kick off show from our last tour and you can hear the kids singing over everything…it’s really amazing.

Bryce: How does your music appeal to the breakdown generation of today?
Dan: Well I think that our music has something that everyone can like. It has some metal riffs and some breakdowns but it also has more melodic parts with singing.

Bryce: When I heard your new track I had the strange urge to punch someone in the face what was that about?
Dan: Well have you seen Josie and the Pussycats?

Bryce: Yes my best friend’s favorite movie in fact! Dejour RULES!
Dan: We got Mr. Moviephone to put subliminal messages in our music kinda like in that movie.
Dan: Pink is the new orange… punch someone in the face!

Bryce: Speaking of Josie who else would you say influences your sound?
Ryan: I don’t know if they necessarily influence our sound but I have been listening to It Alexisonfire Unearth and With Honor a lot lately. They are definitely influential to us based on the amount of energy they convey in their music.
Dan: I’ve been listening to a lot of Unearth Throwdown and It Dies Today so I think it comes out in my writing.

Bryce: Aside from tours and CD releases what else does Stars Are Falling have in store for 2005?
Ryan: Well we hope to actually be touring through the new year. Then it will be time to lock ourselves in the practice studio and write a new album.
Dan: We have some exciting things in the works but we don’t want to jinx ourselves. Hopefully we’ll just tour until the end of the year… and then after that tour some more.

Bryce: Any parting words?
Thank you Bryce from for sitting down with us. Everyone check out our tour dates on our website and go get our CD RIGHT NOW! Also buy a shirt or something.
Ryan: Yeah thanks for the time Bryce…you are the coolest.

” 0000-00-00 live”

Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.
Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.