Last year Staple jumped onto the scene with their amazing debut record. Now they’re on tour with Disciple and I had a chance to talk to Darin Keim the band’s vocalist. We talked about the album and the tour.

CCM: For those who don’t know who are the members of Staple and what do they do?
Darin: There’s Brian he plays guitar. Israel plays the bass. Grant plays the drums and I’m Darin and I do the vocals.

CCM: Why the name Staple?
Darin: Well in Webster’s “staple” is defined as a necessity a source or like a diet or necessity type of thing. Also Webster’s defines it as a true prinicipal. The truth is God and so we figured Staple is what we were going for.

CCM: What’s the typical Staple songwriting process like?
Darin: I would say usually it’s either myself or Brian who will come up with the guitar riffs. Then we try and put together parts for a verse chorus bridge and bring it to rest of guys. We’ll go over it and see if we can do something with it. Sometimes we write songs in days or it’s even taken fourth months. So it’s kind of just random how things will fall together.

CCM: The song “Dictatorship vs. Democracy” deals with the idea of God over sin. What’s the inspiration behind the lyric “Ride on ride strong soldier to the dictated beat?”
It’s basically giving the example of what it would be like if we were under a dictatorship. What it would be like if all of your movements and choices were dictated for you. It’s also describing the opposite that you can be given freedom. The point is saying God has given us those choices and saying that He is the correct choice the best choice. So we look at that and contrast it with the evil the pain in the world. This leads us to go more readily to God.

CCM: What were you trying to get across in the song “Red Brush Strokes Wave Goodbye?”
Darin: I think that song’s just basically a great story of giving your heart to Christ. Recognizing that when we give those things up it doesn’t matter how bad our past was or we ourselves were. We aren’t worthy of any kind of acceptance or claims of holyness but we remember what Christ did for us and forgiving our sins and how we are because of it.

CCM: So you’re in Oklahoma right now on tour with Disciple. How’s that going?
Darin: It’s going great! We are loving this tour. It’s probably the best yet. Tons of people are coming out. We went out with Disciple last year so we’re hitting some of the same places and there’s a lot larger turn out everywhere. Last time we went out we were nobodies and our cd wasn’t out yet. Now it finally came out and it’s been able to sit with people for a year or so so now lots of people are singing along. It’s very encouraging!

CCM: What is one band that you’d love to tour with but haven’t had the chance yet?
We’ve always wanted to tour with Project 86 so we’re all hoping to do that. Also Blindside that’d be amazing. I don’t know I’m sure everyone would hope to tour with P.O.D. cuz of the exposure. They’re the biggest in our genre and write great music and stuff. Everyone would jump at that chance.

CCM: Which albums have impressed you the most recently?
Tides of the North. They’re local friends of ours and they signed to a smaller label Word of Mouth Records. Their cd is just amazing. I’m loving it. He is Legend’s cd too. It’s just a great cd. I’ve been listening to Radiohead too. I guess you can’t go wrong with them.

CCM: Which question would you most like to be asked by an interviewer?
Probably “How does it feel to sell a platinum record?” That would be an amazing question to be asked!

CCM: Your self-titled album has been out for about a year now. When can we expect the next Staple record?
Well we’re supposed to go into the studio and record in May. Therefore we’re eyeing a fall release. Maybe like September or October.

CCM: In one sentence what’s the goal of the Staple ministry?
To encourage people to look for truth and to seek it and to strive for it and through that we believe they will go towards Jesus Christ. We feel it’s our mission to point them in that direction.

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