Sleep For Sleepers

After a year away from the ever-growing music scene Sleep For Sleepers is back to reclaim the force and foundation they’ve built through years of time and dedication. With a new found energetic release Conditions” not only sets out to impress but is here to grace the industry’s presence with a fresh beginning.”

Brenda: I had the great opportunity of interviewing someone who is not only a dear friend of mine but also an artist that I highly respect. Jamey Price of Sleep For Sleepers explains more behind the vision of his new albumConditionsand what inspired him to start writing music again.

Brenda:After being relatively silent for a year what made you decide to pursue music with Sleep For Sleepers again?

Jamey: During the time off from Sleep For Sleepers we continuously received emails and messages from fans informing us of how much they missed the group and what we created over the years and after reading through all the kind words people were writing to us I felt a huge pull on my heart to write another record for those who supported and still do support us. Anyone who came to a show or bought a record from us truly fueled what we were passionate about and I think I came to a point where I missed that connection with people on a deep level where music can be a gateway to.

Brenda: What is the meaning behind the album title Conditions?

Jamey: Conditions deals heavily with the unconditional love of Christ. To think that someone so perfect so flawless so far away from sin could love me unconditionally despite my shortcomings still blows me away. And as I thought of what unconditional love meant I started seeing more imperfections in my own life and realized that it is very difficult for me to love or accept others unconditionally. I think it’s a daily battle that I face but I think if we can acknowledge that as a society and as individuals we will be on the right track to overcoming the sickness that surrounds us.

Brenda: As you were writing Conditions what was your vision for this album?

Jamey: Humanity. A lot of us are hurting and ache daily for something real. We yearn for truth. I wanted to write about that truth that I have found and how it has affected my entire life. I believe I possess something that is nothing short of a gift and to hold onto that would be the death of me. With the messages people wrote us during our time away it became clear to me that I needed to write something that someone out there needed to hear: that we in no way deserve the love of Christ but due to His death resurrection and persistence of us that unconditional love is ours to take and to walk with.

Brenda: What can we expect from this album in comparison to WHBDWBDA and The Clearing?

Jamey: This record has a lot more variety when it comes to the sounds of the songs. I rediscovered some bands I grew up listening to and found inspiration with that. Every song has a different taste and a different topic. What was freeing about this record was the independence of it…. Without a label or manager this record is simply me.

Brenda: What song on this album means the most to you and why?

Jamey: “Cold War” is surely something else…. Never have I written a political song or something with so much drive behind it when it comes to a current topic in the world. I wrote it about the Westboro Baptist Church and what they stand for. Let’s just leave it at that.

Brenda: What happened to the other members of SFS and how is it now as a solo artist?

Jamey: The cool thing about what happened to Sleep For Sleepers was that the separation was not built around animosity. There came a time where we just couldn’t do it anymore…. After being on the road for three years it took a toll on us and our relationships with others. It definitely allowed us to appreciate home and the community we have that surrounds us so I am grateful where we are all at and what each band member is currently doing. it’s like I’m a proud parent.

Brenda: Do you plan on playing live shows after the album releases?

Jamey: I do indeed. I’m planning a album release show and possibly doing a mini tour in the future for kicks to see old friends and to get the new music out there. Until then I look forward to seeing how the new album is received to the general public.

Brenda: If you were able to share the stage with any band who would some of them be? And just for kicks where would you perform (It can be anywhere)?

Jamey: I’ll give you a few: The Starting Line New Found Glory Jimmy Eat World The Rocket Summer Bryan Adams and AC/DC. It would be that line up at Red Rocks in Colorado. A kid can dream right?

Brenda: Who are some artists that have influenced your writing?

Jamey: All of the above listed bands. My favorite writers include Bryce Avary Kenny Vasoli Bryan Adams Jon Foreman Jim Adkins and Seth Roberts all great artists with great passion. So thank you to those guys for the impact they have had on what I love to do.

Brenda: If you could hand deliver this album to any artist who would it be and why?

Jamey: That would be the man himself Bryce Avary. I respect him for all his instrumentation and even being capable of playing everything. If anyone out there knows Bryce and can find a way to put this record in his hands to get his respected opinion then please email That’s no joke people.

Brenda: Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Jamey: Chris plays for a band called Kaden/Strip Coats Jon now plays for Project 86 and Mitch heads a band called Quarterly. If you don’t check them out then you are wasting your time. Thank you to all who have continuously supported us for the past six or so years…. This is for you and I appreciate the joy you have all blessed me with.

Anyone who came to a show or bought a record from us truly fueled what we were passionate about and I think I came to a point where I missed that connection with people on a deep level where music can be a gateway to.

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