Silverline exists to be a part of that voice. What began as three guys playing songs in a basement has transformed quickly into one of the most sought after bands in the country. Silverline has performed and ministered to youth in over 38 states. When Promoters and Pastors are seeking out youth ministries that are not only relevant but also willing and able to share the uncompromising Word of the Lord Silverline is at the top of the list.

Sara: Who is the dude in the interview seat today? What is your role in the band?

Ryan: My name is Ryan Edberg and I sing in Silverline. One could even say I’m the Lead singer.

Sara: I know this is a pretty thought-provoking question to open an interview with but if you had to choose what is your favorite type of ice cream?

Ryan: Ha well that is a very personal question to open with….I think I can reveal that to you since we’re like best friends anyway. I would have to say cookies and cream.

Sara: Tell me a little about your perspective on how the band started?

Ryan: Well originally it was justthree of us practicing in Steve’s parents’ basement. I was the only one that could drive and we wore the baggiest pants we could find. We never really set out to form a band; we just played music because it was all we had in common. It wasn’t til after we wrote a few songs together that we kinda decided we had become a band. We played a show at our youth group and never stopped. That was in 1997 πŸ™‚

Sara: Who else is in the band?

Ryan: I sing Steve plays guitar Nate plays Bass C.C. drums and Lazer also plays guitar.

Sara: Who writes the songs? Is it a collaboration or does it vary from song to song?

Ryan: Good question. In the pastSteve and I wrote all of the songs but on this album we asked for lots of help. This album wouldn’t be what it is without Ben Kasica and Nick Radovanovic. They produced and engineered the album but also co-wrote a lot of it. We also had a few ideas thrown in from some outside collaborators. I would say I wrote most of the lyrics on the album and Steve wrote a good chunk of the music and a few lyrics. The rest was Ben and Nick and others including Jon Steingard of Hawk Nelson. It was a really fun process to get outside of our box!

Sara: Silverline reminds me of the silver lining” of a cloud. Is that where the name comes from?

Ryan: Yea pretty much. The official meaning of “silver lining” is the last hope when all hope is gone. So we shortened it but steal the meaning. We have always existed to give hope to the hopeless and provoke Christians to get real. So the name fits well πŸ™‚

Sara: A lot of the songs on this album seem very personal. Could you tell us a bit about your vision for it?

Ryan: I’ve always said you write what’s on your heart. And that’s the truth here for sure. Our passion is to seek God with our lives and point others to him so that’s what we write about. We aren’t out clubbing and hooking up so the normal girl topics don’t interest us too much I guess. Listen to the lyrics; they are transparent. No hidden meanings with us.

Sara: Would you consider Lights Out a concept album? (If so would it still be out of line to bring glowsticks Christmas lights and/or mason jar lanterns to your performances?)

Ryan: Concept album not so much but we do encourage you to bring all of those items to our shows especially Mason laterns ’cause I’m not too sure what that means!

Sara: Do you have a favorite track?

Ryan: I really love “Hold On.” The energy and flow is exactly the style of music that I like. Some of the other guys really dig the emotional stuff but I love having fun and being a goof.

Sara: I’m hoping to catch you guys on tour! What’s happening this tour? Are you going anywhere you’ve never been before?

Ryan: Oh cool. That’d be sweet to see you out there. Let’s see where are we going?? I think Maryland is the only state that will be new to us. We have played probably every state in the Union except the far north east. We are playing an Acquire The Fire event in LA. Those are always fun. It’s cool for an up and coming band like us to get the chance to play arena shows. We are just grateful to every person that comes out to see us. With the state of the music scene collapsing nationwide we are super excited to still be going strong. We had a great year last year and this one is looking even better!

Sara: Any stories you’d like to share about your time in the studio?

Ryan: I wish I had some crazy stories to tell you but it was pretty much down to business. We were pretty immersed in the process so there wasn’t a lot of down time. I think getting to work with Ben and Nick was a real blessing for sure and they introduced us to Pour Over coffee which pretty much changed my life πŸ™‚

Sara: What about tour stories?

Ryan: Now that would be a whole book in itself. We actually used to tour for months at a time with no plan when we were teens. One time we parked at Ron Jon surf shop in Cocoa beach for a week in the bus parking area. We just long-boarded around and surfed a lot. Pretty cool for some farm boys from Minnesota. One of the buses next to us was a SOBE promotional bus and a Pop Tart bus. They handed out samples on the beach all day. Whatever was left each evening we would get! We pretty much lived on that for a week!

Reminds me of another time touring out in Oregon. One of the other band guys we were out with worked at Cinnabon. I’m pretty sure we ate a case every morning and night! Man we have some crazy stories. It’s tough to remember them all. I remember one timeMatt who is no longer with us and I were trying to lasso an alligator in Florida. We almost had one too! We just couldn’t keep the rope around him long enough. Those suckers are strong!

Sara: Here is our most important question so far: what can your fans and readers be praying about with you guys for this album?

Ryan: Most of all we would love prayer so our songs would touch our listeners’ hearts that our songs would inspire our fans to reach out to God and they would allow God to help them through life whether they have their lives together or not. God can meet people wherever they’re at.

Sara: What about as a band?

Ryan: We would love to have prayer support for unity to function as friends leaders and ministers of the gospel. Pray that we would be able to keep our lives in check so that we can be good examples for our fans. Being in a band with so many different personalities usually in pretty tight quarters can be tough. Traveling and being away from families can be stressful. So we need extra strength and blessings from God and support from our fans.

Sara: Famous last words?

Ryan: If you get anything out of reading this or following Silverline just remember that you are loved you have value and God has a plan for you!

” Our passion is to seek God with our lives and point others to him so that’s what we write about… Listen to the lyrics; they are transparent. No hidden meanings with us. “Just remember that you are loved you have value and God has a plan for you!

Guest Writer