Showbread (2nd interview)

RAW ROCK is here to overtake you. With Showbread leading the frenzy there’s no doubt it will succeed.

Bryce: Hey how have you guys been doing since our last interview?

Matt: we’ve been doing great man. touring as much as possible and working on getting the new album out and a bunch of new merch for the summer tours and festivals and stuff so…things are going really well.

Bryce: and touring I must say is one of your strong suits kinda painful though everytime I see you my face gets rocked off and I have to find Bryce: Also speaking of touring you are starting a tour really soon correct?

Matt: haha….well…we’re sorry but you must understand and be forewarned….raw rock kills…so get ready to die. Matt: yeah…we’re going out with the death campaign and as i lay dying for a little bit….it’ll be a big tour for us our biggest so far so…we’re all super excited

Bryce: what are the dates on that?

Matt: well….it starts june 26th and rolls till the end of july. as i lay dying’s dropping off like the 15th but the death campaign and ourselves will continue on until the end of july. after that i’m not totally sure of the plans but i just know we’re going back out because we’re doing tomfest and all that at the end of the summer.

Bryce: Nice I still have not had the pleasure of going to Tomfest Bryce: one day God Willing.  Anywho, about your new album you said we are “working on getting the new album” haven’t you got it now?

Matt: well maybe you could just catch a ride up there with us. i dont think we can get anyone in but we’d give you a ride i guess…let’s hook it up.

Bryce: depending on the dates that may be a possibility we will be in touch.

Matt: well…yeah…actually we just got it the other day. there was a problem with the printer but we have it now. the label’s folding up so we’re kind of shopping around for bigger labels and distribution but mainly we had a stack of mail orders a mile high that we had to get out. we all feel so bad because they were like a month late but they’re FINALLY going out.

Bryce: awesome I can’t wait to get it. Hearing the unMastered version can only do so much for a guy Bryce: What is the idea behind the new cover and layout?

Matt: umm…..well…hopefully i will get this right but basically the album’s called life kisses and other wasted efforts. on the cover is a girl putting on lipstick but as you look at her reflection the image is crying and it’s just all about people on the inside and what’s going on with people on the inside because there’s so many people hurting on the inside and people just go through life worrying so much about things of unimportance and wasting life on meaning efforts trying to fill themselves and make themselves happy with worthless stuff. through our music we try to tell people of a hope that’s greater than all the stuff in this world that you could waste your time and life on…that’s basically the meaning behind it.

Bryce: Sounds good to me. Bryce: I am always asked what “I am a Machine Gun” means. I always made something up but I wanted to know the real meaning.

Matt: haha….well…i hope get this one right too i hate answering for everyone. but basically it’s the title of a song and the song talks about overcoming death like an automatic weapon. we have victory through Christ like a machine gun.

Bryce: interesting I like it! Bryce: What is your favorite track on the new CD and why?

Matt: umm…it’s hard to pick a favorite but my top 2 favorites are “the sad thing about sunday morning” and “stabbing art to death” …sunday morning talks about traditionalism and stuff and it’s just a great song and stabbing art to death is like this opus that’s the last song on the record and just goes so many different places and has 2 of the coolest parts that i’ve ever heard in any song so…

Bryce: please define “opus” for all the Bryce’s in the world that don’t know what that means.

Matt: haha…oh gotcha…it’s just like this long song (it clocks in at like 7 minutes or something) and it just goes in alot of different places that all lead to this climactic ending. it’s just a fun song to be a part of

Bryce: awesome im getting all tingly inside Bryce: I notice a lot of maturing music wise in this CD compared to your last 2 Independents. Where do you feel you have matured the most.

Matt: umm….well..i think we’re constantly coming into this genre of raw rock to which we have created and i think we’re just taking the best parts of what we are and expanding them by a 100. we’re also becoming alot closer as individuals and becoming better musicians. we’re also working alot harder on establishing the “sound” we want as far as tones and stuff like that and we’re experimenting a little bit so …we’re all really really excited about where it’s going.

Bryce: and we are excited watching you go there.

Matt: thanks man….hop on the train..but again…be forewarned. you will die.

Bryce: so who came up with the “raw rock kills ….. get ready to die” I personally enjoy it but some people may not understand the meaning behind it.

Matt: umm….not sure really. we say the word raw alot and when we talk about the show we’ll say things like “we got raw tonite”(which is a good thing) and people started asking us “how do you classify your music?” so i’m not even sure who started it but it just started coming out “raw rock” so that’s how we started classifying ourselves. and then somehow as we started doing our merch it might have been josh but i’m not entirely sure it was just sort of like “raw rock kills.. ” and the get ready to die thing Matt: was just a little additive…so “raw rock kills…get ready to die” Matt: and we’re trying to start a whole raw rock revolution so we want a slogan for the kids Matt: we’re having patches bumper stickers….and it’s starting to are writing raw rock kills on their mail orders and stuff…it’s awesome

Bryce: most fun underground sayings start out like that Anguish Unsaid and Like David started this whole thing about “the 5” Bryce: kids just took it and ran with it. It was good times.

Matt: yeah…it’s cool….and hopefully one day before we start or after we finish there’ll just be the kids chanting “raw rock kills raw rock kills” or something cool like that…

Bryce: hahah ya Do you guys often play in bars and clubs and stuff how are you received their?

Matt: umm….we try to play them. i think this tour’s gonna see alot more general market shows which is cool. we generally get recieved very well. we dont go around preaching we just go in rock out and get done and people respect that and if you’re good at it people will like you…if you’re not they wont. but most kids in the general market are looking for good music and respect your beliefs as long as they’re not berated by them.

Bryce: Ya and once they get your CD (which is probably a definite if they see you live) they could focus on your lyrics and God can do a work in their heart. Bryce: Well I must depart thanks for your raw time. Lastly what can we be praying for you guys about?

Matt: umm….just be praying for the tour and all situations surrounding showbread and just that God continues to provide for us that way we never have to go home and we can just continue touring and playing and touring some more….thanks so much for your prayers…they’re all greatly appreciated…and lastly..never forget…..raw rock kills.

Bryce: ok remember to go out and see these guys on tour. You are missing out if you do not BEST LIVE SHOW EVER. Bryce: later man.

Matt: later bud…have fun at k-mart…peace love and raw rock

Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.
Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.