Secrets known to liars

BJ(The Caution MyOwnDemise BBandMB) decided to form a band and decided to ask some new guys to join it. Enter Judah(Dimly Lit Eyes)There were a few line up changes including guitarist and vocal additions and subtractions. About a year went by when Tom joined the Secrets posse on bass then left on good terms. Now the spot has been filled by our good friend Corey (A tragic memory When All Seems Lost).

Secrets Known to Liars is a band from my hometown that has been together for a little over a year. They bring a new sound a great message and an awesome stage show that will be sure to blow you away. Look for much more from these Idaho Metalcore kids in the future.

Rudy(CCM):Who is in the band names and instruments?
(SKTL):BJ Huether-Vocals Chris Babcock-Guitar Judah Wilmot- Guitar Tom Mong- Bass Jared Skaggs- Drums

Rudy(CCM):How did you get started?
(SKTL):Chris and I decided to form another band due to the lack of local bands since ours broke up (My Own Demise). In our town there isnt that many bands.

Rudy(CCM):You guys are getting more and more noticed explain?
(SKTL):God has blessed this band in so many ways; he has been giving us awesome opportunities to play with awesome hardcore and metal bands that are way bigger than us. He has been opening a lot of doors but other than that we don’t know.

Rudy(CCM):What are your goals as a band?
(SKTL):We would like to sign with a label so we can get our c.d distributed and then tour as much as possible. Just to have as much fun as possible as well.

Rudy(CCM):So you guys are on the new indie vision comp Explain how that came about?
(SKTL):Well we where talking to Truestance Records about our songs and they seemed like really nice people. Next thing we know they told us we should submit a song to the guy at indie vision so we did and they told us they wanted either Broken or Dead in the trunk we chose Dead in the Trunk.

Rudy(CCM):If you could pick 2 labels to be on what would they be?
(SKTL):Facedown/Strikefirst or Eulogy/HandofHope

Rudy(CCM): What would be the perfect tour to be on?
(SKTL):Shockwave Psyopus Meshuggah Seventh Star and Mars Volta

Rudy(CCM): What are some of you influences?
(SKTL):We’re influence by such a wide range of bands of all different styles hardcore metal noise you name it. Our guitar player Chris is really influenced by bands such as Glass CasketSlayer and Psyopus. While JudahTom and I are influenced by a lot of the hardcore past and present on facedown Point of Recognition Seventh Star NIV Falling Cycle etc. Our drummer is really into bands such as Suicide Silence Through The Eyes of the Dead and he is all about Dream Theater.

Rudy(CCM):How has God influenced your music and your lives?
(SKTL):God is so awesome when we started the band we weren’t a Christian band. Then our guitar player Chris accepted Jesus and Ive always wanted to share about Christ so it just kinda happened. Later after a line up change and adding Tom God has just been using all of us to strengthen each other. You can look at any one of our lives and realize we are far from perfect but its been awesome seeing the way God has been working in our lives. Its cool to see the strength God gives us to share our faith we play with a lot of bands who are against God or doesn’t believe in God and we have had an awesome opportunity show those guys the love we have for God and them…

Rudy(CCM):Where do you see yourselves in a year?
(SKTL):Hopefully in a van that is driving down a highway!

Rudy(CCM):How far do you guys want to go with this band?
(SKTL):As far as God wants to take it

Rudy(CCM): Any last words?
(SKTL):Yeah check us out on myspace go download the indievision comp there are some awesome bands on it. And thank you so much for this interview!

Thanks to all the guys in the band for taking time out to do this inteview for me.


Guest Writer