Quiet Science

Nathan Walter front man for The Space Coast electro rock trio Quiet Science describes the band’s second full length album as “one long fight song”. The new album titled Dark Words On Dark Wings is a collection of stories about characters facing the darkest hours of their lives and how in these tremendously difficult times the characters choose to respond.

(Brian) So with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking?

(Nathan) Nathan Walter

(Brian) So I take it you are in the band Quiet Science right? What do you play in the band?

(Nathan) I sing and play guitar

(Brian) Who else plays in the band?

(Nathan) Daisy Walter and Robert Williamson

(Brian) How did the band get its start?

(Nathan) Robbie and I had played together in a band before QS and wanted to go in a different direction. We tried out several members before he suggested we ask his sister Daisy. The first practice we held the music just came together seamlessly.

(Brian) What is the concept behind the name Quiet Science?

(Nathan) Quiet Science is a term that is used to refer to a science that is of great importance but gets little attention.

(Brian) How would you describe the way you guys sound?

(Nathan) We have been compared to many other bands but I think that the only ones that come close would be Shiny Toy Guns or The Killers.

(Brian) Would you say Quiet Science is a Christian band or Christians-in-a-band?

(Nathan) That seems to be a touchy subject in the plight of the Christian Artist. We are Christians and our goal is to bring people to Christ with our music; however we don’t want to be labeled in the Christian music genre” as then [our music] never really gets into the hands of the people we want to reach.

(Brian) You released an EP and an album prior to your latest effort Dark Words on Dark Wings right? Were there any big differences between the past efforts and Dark Words on Dark Wings or what makes this release special for Quiet Science?

(Nathan) I think in the beginning you set out to create a sound and look that is easily accessible. I am proud of each of our albums but with DWODW we really set out to do whatever we wanted regardless of what people/ labels/ music industry would think of it. The result is a darker but more complex and realistic depiction of struggles many face.

(Brian) Dark Words on Dark Wings is a concept album right? Could you maybe fill us in on the story and meaning behind this record?

(Nathan) This album addresses the outlook many Christians in America have today. I constantly hear Christians picking apart the Bible saying they believe certain parts but not others or that it is more of a guide or an allegory. My question is Is something you only partly believe worth dying for? In the New Testament and in many other countries today believing the Bible means death. In America we have become so accustomed to religious freedom that we are free to only believe things in part. This album addresses many different subjects (depression suicide) but the overall theme is [about] of a group of Christians being killed or persecuted but [who] remain unwavering in their faith

(Brian) Which song is your personal favorite of Dark Words on Dark Wingsand why?

(Nathan) I think a good album is when you cannot name just one but Daisy’s is “The Dust Storm.” The unique thing about t “The Dust Storm” is that we really didn’t have a complete song before we went in the studio and just ending up building [it] over the piano part; Daisy wrote in the verses. It was really cool to see how this song would end up and we were not disappointed.

(Brian) Recently you guys have put up a couple of remixes on your Facebook page for free. Is this because Quiet Science is preparing to release a remix album? Any details you could share with me and our readers?

(Nathan) We are planning on releasing a remix EP of several of the songs on DWODW. We really just did this as we were home and had some time on our hands which is unusual as we tour often. We are hoping to release some covers as well but we will see.

(Brian) Are there any big tour plans coming up for you guys that you would like to share?

(Nathan) We are headed to the West Coast for the first time this March/April to appease some fans that have been requesting it for some time. We will also be at Cornerstone festival this summer with some tricks up our sleeve.

(Brian) As always is there anything the readers and I can be praying for for you guys?

(Nathan) Just pray that God will use our music for his will.

(Brian) Last but not least is there anything else you would like to say?

(Nathan) Hope you like the album!

“We are planning on releasing a remix EP of several of the songs on DWODW.”

Brian Morrissette