Nodes of Ranvier

BetsyRoxet: Hey this is BetsyRoxet
Thomas: Hey go ahead and shoot with your questions
BetsyRoxet: First of all this is thomas?
Thomas: yes Thomas vocalist
BetsyRoxet: okay just seeing who i was talking to.
Thomas: no prob
BetsyRoxet: So how are you
Thomas: fine
BetsyRoxet: great.
Thomas: anxious
BetsyRoxet: for?
Thomas: tour fests record release
BetsyRoxet: I hear Cornerstone?
Thomas: yep
Thomas: fun stuff

BetsyRoxet: Now is there a replacement for cornerstone?
Thomas: what do you mean
BetsyRoxet: Will Jake being playing there?
Thomas: Jake and our new bassist Nick as well. We have 2 new members they own bottom line this band is better than we have ever been
BetsyRoxet: I can see why you are now anxious
Thomas: this is truly a new era in Nodes of Ranvier you bet
BetsyRoxet: rad
Thomas: I have no doubt we will leave Cstone with some new fans
BetsyRoxet: can’t wait.

BetsyRoxet: How do you feel about the album on the 1st?
Thomas: I think the album is really a great full length release. It is leaps and bounds above our previous efforts and I think it is going to take us places that we have yet to reach. I feel great about the record…very confident
BetsyRoxet: So fans can expect a great album?
Thomas: dare I say proud. You bet! They shouldn’t be let down that is for sure. Fans of the old album will deffinently love the new one and those who chose to pass on the old album may take more notice of this release
BetsyRoxet: So a lot of sweat went into this one?
Thomas: a lot of our lives period went into this album it was written fairly fast and was a big concern of ours to step it up. It turned out well…we all had confidence it would though working with the same producer we used on our first album only this time having a good budget was a big help with all that. We know our producer well and respect him…and he respects us a lot too so we have a great working releationship with him that allows us to get the right sounds we are looking for.

BetsyRoxet: Would you be working with this same producer in the future?
Thomas: Most likely sometime or another yes! depends on this albums sales and so on
BetsyRoxet: Ill be sure that everyone around here buys an album for their own good. ; )
Thomas: thanks

BetsyRoxet: What can fans expect from this new album that is soo different?
Thomas: Its just more mature and has a better quality of songs. Also the production queality is much better .Its still has the Nodes sound…its just a better album all around .We havent dramatically changed our sound or anything its just so much better
BetsyRoxet: very good to hear you havent
Thomas: thanks I think we have a unique sound in our genre and we dont really try hard to do that…it just happens to be that way
BetsyRoxet: that happens to some of the greatest musicans. accidently unique.
Thomas: I think that may be true Led Zepplin for example just an amazing bunch of musicians that new exactly what they wanted to do and did it very well.
BetsyRoxet: agreeable.
Thomas: I think early Metallica is the same way
BetsyRoxet: Early not to be mistaken with recent
Thomas: they new what they wanted to do and sound like and they did just that and it ruled. Yeah I think they are a bit confused right now
BetsyRoxet: I agree
Thomas: We still love them but I wish they would stop worrying so much.
BetsyRoxet: haha

BetsyRoxet: Speaking of recent..
Thomas: yes…
BetsyRoxet: Can we expect this recent line up to be around for awhile or is this a temporary line up?
Thomas: yeah hahah no this will be a permanent line up. I dont ever want to make another change in this band as far as the lineup goes. I hope kids dont see all these changes as the band weakining…it is so much the oppositte are you going to cstone?
BetsyRoxet: From what you tell me it sounds the opposite
Thomas: the guys are working on a special intro right now for our festival sets
BetsyRoxet: No i am not able to make it out there
Thomas: yeah the new lineup rules
Thomas: bummer
BetsyRoxet: you guys should stop by Bay Area some time make me happy.
Thomas: like San Fran? where exactly?
BetsyRoxet: Im located in a village called San Lorenzo.
Thomas: in CA
BetsyRoxet: yes CA
Thomas: cool. yeah we may be around there in mid july and deffinently this fall
BetsyRoxet: Im more between Hayward and Oakland
Thomas: cool cool

BetsyRoxet: can we expect cornerstone performance to be similar to sonshine fest?
Thomas: like the same set with intro you mean?
BetsyRoxet: yes
Thomas: yeah Ihink we will do it 2 times or more its pretty rad

BetsyRoxet: Will we reconize any of these new guys in the line up? probably not…they were in a band that toured with us briefly called To Drown Her Sorrows
BetsyRoxet: And are they currently in that as well?
Thomas: no thats long over now.

BetsyRoxet: Do you guys plan to be doing a lot of shows this comming year with the new line up and new album?
Thomas: yes we look to tour extensively hopefully 6 months or so of the next year. We think the record will help make that possible
BetsyRoxet: And can we expect coast to coast?
Thomas: of course…maybe more than that
BetsyRoxet: euro?
Thomas: Canada? Europe? Puerto Rico?
Thomas: maybe
BetsyRoxet: whoa
Thomas: talk is going around we will see I hope so though.
Thomas: that would be amazing
BetsyRoxet: sounds like this album roxs
Thomas: You will have to get yourself a copy and be the judge of that
Thomas: have you heard the new MP3 or the new sampler stuff at all?
BetsyRoxet: Ill be sure to get me a copy. No i havent heard the new one.
Thomas: check it out. Its on its called “Faith in the Faux”
BetsyRoxet: I see
BetsyRoxet: Sounds like we are all in for a nice year
Thomas: I really hope so

BetsyRoxet: In 3 words what could you sum up this new line up to be?
Thomas: brutal committed ready
BetsyRoxet: deadly combo
Thomas: yep
BetsyRoxet: And can we expect any collaborations anytime soon?
Thomas: huh? with another band on a 7″ or something? what exactly do you mean
BetsyRoxet: Personally i would liek to see you do something with Posion the Well
Thomas: that would be amazing…dont see that happening anytime soon though. Tthey are soooo huge right now we would love that though
BetsyRoxet: I would too
Thomas: a tour with them is what we need right now
BetsyRoxet: But for right now im looking forward to this new album
Thomas: or any other band that is so much bigger than them.
Thomas: Good.
BetsyRoxet: word to that
BetsyRoxet: well i dont want to keep you from your ‘meeting’
Thomas: Id like to do a 7″ with 7th star or Sinai Beach or something
Thomas: hahaha
Thomas: yeah
BetsyRoxet: rad that would be great.

Thomas: if you have anymore questions just shoot I have a couple minutes yet
BetsyRoxet: well what do you think of the scene now a days?
Thomas: hardcore scene?
BetsyRoxet: ya
Thomas: its ok too much elitisism and trendiness going on though. But I still live and die for it kids will be kids ya know.
BetsyRoxet: haha yes

BetsyRoxet: And any shout outs here?
Thomas: well I suppose I better go…dont want to make Alix any more upset than she is now
Thomas: yeah
BetsyRoxet: oops
Thomas: What up to Jason and the Facedown Family and all the kids that support the band so much
Thomas: alrigh then…

BetsyRoxet: Okay well this raps it up
Thomas: thanks for doing the interview
Thomas: we appreciatte it
BetsyRoxet: Thanxs for letting me
Thomas: no prob
BetsyRoxet: check it out on
Thomas: I will
Thomas: thanks
Thomas: bye
BetsyRoxet: you have a fun night now
BetsyRoxet: bye

Guest Writer