Miss Angie

Back in the late ‘90s Miss Angie was basically living every aspiring musician’s dream. Proving that female Christian singers could really rock a rarity for women in that particular era her uniquely retro sound quirky songwriting style and strong biblical message endeared her to countless fans. With two critically acclaimed albums to her credit namely 100 Million Eyeballs and Triumphantine and hit singles on Christian radio her tour schedule was busier than ever—not exactly a bad problem to have given the often-fickle nature of the music biz. But as great as everything was going professionally the precarious sparkle of the spotlight wore off pretty quickly.

(Brian) So to begin you are Miss Angie and have been floating around the Christian music scene since the late ’90s right? What is your full name?

(Angie) My full name is Angie Turner but I have been recording music under the name Miss Angie since 1997. As I type it sounds very old but I prefer the word “vintage”; I always ask people if they have heard my “vintage stuff”!

(Brian) For people that may not had heard of you how did you get your start in the Christian music business?

(Angie) I got my start singing worship music for the alter calls at Johnny Q. Public’s concerts and I worked their merch table. My brother was in the band (and my boyfriend) at the time. They got signed to Gotee records and had a lot of show opportunities and then I began making a demo with them and shopped it to labels and got my own recording contract.

(Brian) Following your highly acclaimed 1999 release of Triumphantine you stopped making music. What provoked that move away from music? Do you regret it?

(Angie) After three years of recording and touring I was aching for something else to do. I had fulfilled my contract with Myrrh Records and so I took a break. It seemed God had shut the doors down for me to continue in the music biz at the time and I was interested in staying home to have a family. I don’t regret it because I wanted to do so many other things. I was musically and creatively burned out and wanted a fresh change. I had dreams of helping orphaned children somehow and being involved with a local church and not on the road all the time. I did work with foster children in my city and adopted my own daughter from Guatemala. She is an amazing dream come true. I also sang with the worship team at my local church and became involved in the community which is so satisfying.

(Brian) If you could please share your story of what happened during the timeframe from when you left to when you came back that would be great! I also I think your story is very inspirational and important for other Believers to hear.

(Angie) In the middle of me trying to do all that God put in my heart He wanted to deal with ugly things in my heart as well. To be honest the area of sexual immorality in my life was not in line with God’s plans. I made mistakes and God has been faithful to help me. As long as I agree with Him everything is ok. it’s when we try to do our own thing that causes sin and trouble in our lives–duh–lol. I even got to the point in life of being in a homosexual relationship. I knew it was not God’s plan but found the lie of it very convincing and deceptive. As I took any small step in that direction I was in great bondage to it. When I confessed and walked towards God and His truth and plans for my life and body I found awesome life and love and freedom. it’s amazing that a Christian can get so deceived but it happens. Satan wants to ruin our lives and testimony and when we agree with sin it can. God is ready to make us winners in His kingdom as His sons and daughters with great purpose and close relationship to Him forever. It has been seven years since that destructive relationship and God has proven to be stronger than the lie and sin of homosexuality. I didn’t write too much in the 10-year span of my break but I started to more after God freed me from lies. I am a songwriter so i have lots of new songs to share now and in the future.

(Brian) How did you start your come back?

(Angie) I released” Kick Drum” to Christian radio in 2011. It was super fun to work with Josh Silverberg and we loved that tune. That is just a single on iTunes. Right now I’m working on a video for a new single I will put out this spring. I will be releasing it myself on

Brian Morrissette