Life in Your Way

Shawn Punx: What does your band name mean? How did you aquire it?
Dean and Hank: Well it was before I joined but i believe the guys were talking about the name and they were saying that when tomorrow doesn’t come that they would be ready because of Jesus Christ.

Shawn Punx: How long has your band been together?
Dean and Hank: the band itself has been together around 4 or 5 years

Shawn Punx: Who are the band members and what do they play/do?
Dean and Hank: Dean Atkinson(me)vocals Stuart Atkinson(guitar) Hank Day(drums) Evan Matthews(bass) Randy Van Wingerdan

Shawn Punx: Have you gone thru alot of member changes?
Dean and Hank: yes quite a few bass players there was another vocalist named matt before me and now we have Randy who just joined us

Shawn Punx: What is it about Metal/Hardcore sound that makes you want to be in that style of band?
Dean and Hank: The music has soo much feeling and passion and is just my favorite style I love metal

Shawn Punx: What is the hardest part of being in an Underground band?
Dean and Hank: hearing bands that get so much attention whose music is not that special in my opinion

Shawn Punx: What bands have a musical influence on you/your band?
Dean and Hank: definately Extol umm kekal paramecium alot of power metal(thank you stuart for turning me on to such wonderful stuff) opeth

Shawn Punx: What song do you feel is your best piece of work? What is the song about?
Dean and Hank: I guess the 2 newest ones Hands of Deliverance and The Comforter Hands of Deliverance is about my struggles with anxiety and depression and how The LORD JESUS has helped me and delivered me! The Comforter is about how the Baptism of the Holy Ghost is needed in every congregation and how HIS Power not just a church service is needed

Shawn Punx: What type of message/vibe do you try to put forth in your music?
Dean and Hank: that Jesus Christ is Lord and the only way of Salvation! That He loves you unconditionally and that HE cares about all of you not just some of you.

Shawn Punx: What kind of beliefs do you/your band have?
Dean and Hank: 100% JESUS CHRIST

Shawn Punx: What are your regular lives like (when your not performing/working with the band)?
Dean and Hank: well i work at 911 here in my town and stay busy at church stuart and randy are bankers hank goes to school and works at the movies and i am not sure what evan is doing right now

Shawn Punx: What do you want for the future of When Tomorrow Doesn’t Come?
Dean and Hank: to see the power of THE HOLY GHOST start moving like crazy and souls being saved and miracles happening! To start touring hopefully

Shawn Punx: What message would you give to all the teens/people out there that are struggling to cope with life each day?
Dean and Hank: JESUS CHRIST is the only Way and HE loves you sooo much turn to HIM and you will find HIM.

Guest Writer