Formed in September 2011 Lastwatch had only been together for less than a year before catching the attention of and recording an album with Grammy nominated and Dove award winning producer ‘Travis Wyrick’ (10 Years Nine Lashes POD Disciple.)

Interview with Ashley in Lastwatch with Christcore.

Hello to start us out what is your role in Lastwatch?

Ashley: Hi! My name is Ashley and I’m the lead vocalist for Lastwatch.

Since you guys are so new to the Christian rock scene how did you get your start?

Ashley: Lastwatch happened in a whirl wind but it was God that set up every step of our path and brought us together. We’re pretty new and we have only been together for a little over a year now but we’ve been super blessed to be able to take root in the Christian rock scene so quickly. God brought us together with people who knew people who knew people and we combo that with super hard work on our part.

How did Lastwatch meet up with Travis Wyrick (Disciple Pillar…) and decide to go with him to produce the full length album Leave A Light On.

Ashley: Travis came across a two song demo that we made ourselves and was interested in producing us. Matt and Jon met Travis and scheduled a time to check out his studio. They kind of hit it off and we already loved his previous work so we decided to go with him on our full length album. It was an incredible blessing to work with Travis because he really pushed us to another level especially my vocals. I feel like he taught me how to convey what I am singing and to intensify the story telling through emotion which was really an incredible experience.

To plug the album a little bit When does it happen to come out?

Ashley: Well our full album just landed on iTunes Amazon Spotify Google Play Rhapsody and all other major media outlets as of January 31st. Also you can click the order link on our home page at if you want a physical copy of the album or you can see us out on tour to buy one directly from us!

What can people expect from Leave A Light On?

Ashley: People can expect an upbeat futuristic style of Christian Rock filled with positive messages of who God is and who God wants us to be. Musically the album might remind you of Nine Lashes Skillet or Red and being a female fronted band you might also be reminded of Flyleaf or Fireflight. Our title track Leave A Light On is meant to inspire believers to be a light to others. Our latest single The Countdown calls everyone to make the choice to follow Christ because our time here is running out. We are not promised tomorrow here but we are promised an eternity with Christ if we choose to believe in Him and follow Him.

Why did Lastwatch pick “The Countdown” to be the band’s lead single?

Ashley: We chose “The Countdown” to be the lead single because it really speaks to who we are musically and to the message we have to give. Musically we love the synthetic soundscape that the song lives in and how it hits you hard from beginning to end. Lyrically the message is that we are yearning for Christ to return so we can be with him while warning others that the countdown is on to his return. The song is a perfect fit with our name because we believe we are a part of the last watch of believers who are waiting for him. Also we really love to rock out to this song live!

How has the reaction been for the people that have listened to the new album?

Ashley: We have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the album so far! We feel really blessed with the end product because it seems to be universally accepted by all. Youth group kids hard-core scene kids people in their 20’s 30’s and 40’s all really seem to love the music. It’s interesting to see the initial reaction from a lot of people who wouldn’t expect to like our brand of rock but usually they’re like “hey I really like this!”

What is your favorite song off of the new full length album?

Ashley: Okay this is a super hard question for me because I really love all of them. My favorite song to listen to is The Countdown. I love the energy behind it. My favorite song to sing is Leave A Light On because it is so much fun to move around to on stage. My favorite song for the message is a tie between Somehow and In His Hands because those two minister to me on a daily basis. Somehow is my most personal song on the album because it actually is based on a true story where God stepped in and showed me that I was not alone. I will never forget that night when I witnessed how powerful God is. That song brings me to tears almost every time I hear or sing it.

Any big touring plans you would like to share with our viewers?

Ashley: We have a month long tour coming up in February 9th going up to Tennessee Indiana Ohio Oklahoma and many more states in that region. In March we will make our first music video for our next single which will be released soon. We are working on a few tours that will go from April to the end of summer. A lot of people have expressed interest in seeing us tour with Nine Lashes and there are a couple other awesome possibilities we are exploring. Also expect to see us at many of this summer’s music festivals. For more information on dates and locations check out our tour page on and on our band page on Facebook at

So last question how can our readers and your fans be praying for you?

Ashley: We definitely welcome prayer! I would ask for prayer regarding Lastwatch’s ministry including the music and the witnessing that we try to do behind the scenes and on stage. Also prayer for God to shine through and past us to effectively reach as many people as we can in order to bring them to Christ. We would welcome prayer for us individually to never lose the faith and to continue to press forward in the name of Jesus.

We also would like to take the opportunity to invite others to share prayer requests with us on our Facebook page. We take prayer seriously in this band and we believe in the power of praying and believing in God’s word.

Anything else you would like to share with us before I take up to much of your time?

Ashley: Yes! Please come out to our shows and talk to us. My favorite part of touring is getting to meet everyone individually and sharing how Christ changed my life and how I know he can change yours. Seriously come out and hang with us we LOVE to have fun and we’re known for having a good time! Thank you so much for having me here on Christcore!

” People can expect an upbeat futuristic style of Christian Rock filled with positivemessages of who God is and who God wants us to be”

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