Kye Kye

We are friends and we are siblings. Our love for music was passed on from our parents. Our Love for Christ was given to us from our Heavenly Father. You fuse the two and you get Kye Kye.

(Brian) So who from your band am I speaking to?
(Timothy) Timothy!

(Brian) Who is in the band and what do they play?
(Timothy) Olga is vocals and guitar Alex on keys Tommy on drums and I’m on the guitar vocals and programming.

(Brian) How did Kye Kye form?
(Timothy) Olga Alex and I are actually siblings but writing music together started just a few years back. I was writing and playing in another band at the time and Olga had started to play guitar and write on her own as well. There was a time when we came together to play a few songs for a friend’s memorial service after which we started making demos in our basement. We eventually started playing shows so our brother Alex joined us as well as our good friend Tommy [who is currently Olga’s fiance;].

(Brian) Why did you decide to change your name from Paper Rings to Kye Kye? And what does that name mean to you?
(Timothy) it’s actually something that’s been on our heart for some time now. It’s never fun to change your band name mostly because it’s kinda hard to really come up with something that everyone can agree on…. So we just kinda settled on Paper Rings for some time. The thought had crossed our minds again when we came closer to putting the new album together and so we started to talk to God about it and decided that if He was to put something on our hearts then we would jump for it…. And so we did.

I think every time I sat down to think about a possible name change God kept steering me towards the fact that we are on a stage that people listen to the words that we sing and say when we are on that stage…. Or when people are listening to our music online or wherever it’s mostly strangers from around the world who get to peer into our lives into who we are what we think and how we express that through the words that we write. As a person who believes that Christ lives inside of meI want people to see and hear Christ through me…because it is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me.

With that in mind…Kye”is our phonetic spelling of the word “Chi” which is part of a Greek symbol the early church used that represented Christ. And we just say it twice for emphasis. Christ is who we want the world to see whether we are on stage on your radio or in your iPod.

(Brian) How many albums have Kye Kye (Paper Rings) put out and where can you get them?
(Timothy) We put out our first album at the end of 2008 which you can get at one of our shows Amazon or iTunes. The new album titled “Young Love” which is coming out under the new band name Kye Kye is scheduled to be on Amazon and iTunes at the end of January. BUT if you make it to one of our shows in December you will be able to buy it from us then.

(Brian) How would you describe your band’s sound? I find it quite hard to figure out.
(Timothy) I would say it’s a mixture of experimental acoustic and electric instrumentation. As far as comparing us with other bands that might have similar elements in their music I guess I can say it’s a mixture of Coldplay and David Crowder’s electric stuff. Our music is synth/keyline driven complimented with Olga’s vocal melodies that could be compared with the Cranberries and Eisley…. Hope that helps a bit.

(Brian) Here is a fun question: if someone has never heard of your band how would you get them interested in your music?
(Timothy) I would tell them that our music is an outpouring of a changed life. I would say It is NOT an expression of something someone else knows or has experienced. It is an expression of what we personally know to be truth…an expression of what the Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit.

(Brian) What is the main mission of the band?
(Timothy) To reveal the true nature of God. We believe that a big part of today’s generation who have accepted Christ are afraid of having an intimate relationship with God because of misrepresentations of who He is…and that a big part of today’s generation that haven’t accepted Christ into their hearts don’t want to because of these misrepresentations of who He is. So we are dealing with the same issue in both camps. Whether you are born again or notthe message is the same.

So our mission is to show who He truly is a true revelation of “God is love”…which can only be done if WE know who He is! So I guess our mission is to spend a lot of time with God and get to know Him through Christ…and the rest will follow. I think that’s a pretty sweet gig!! Our job is to know the Father. [Brings to mind John 6:28-29 and 17:3]

(Brian)Does Kye Kyehave any tour and/or show plans?
(Timothy) Yes! We are on tour with Future of Forestry in December! You can check out dates on our Facebook page as well as our Myspace page.

(Brian) Anything you would like to add to the conversation?
(Timothy) We are just super excited about life!! Ours and the people who have ears to hear!

(Brian) Thanks so much for doing an interview! Bye.
(Timothy) Thank you for asking us stuff…. It was fun!

” Our mission is to Show who He truly is a true revelation of God is love.” ” live”

Brian Morrissette