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Some frequent visitors to may notice that is sponsoring a Christian Music Fest out of Lexington TN under the name of JOB FEST (JOBE) here’s some info on that such fest in an interview that Len Nash did with the Festival Director. Look over these questions and answersand if you’re in or around the Tennessee area on June 11th 2004 spend the $10 and check out a nice mix if music. Now here’s the interview in question and answer format.

Len: Explain what Job Fest is?
Brandon: A Christian music festival that exists to glorify God through various genres. We want people to know that the youth can do something to have a positive effect on our community.

Len: What separates Job Fest from other fests?
Brandon: Not much really I mean we offer outrageously low priced tickets. One of our bands actually accused me of caring about this fest and the people involved and they were right.

Len: How’s “Job Fest” pronounced and why the name “Job Fest”?
Brandon: “JOBE”. We picked JOB FEST as the name because Job was a victim of disaster and was assisted by God in the end. We help the American Red Cross with our proceeds so technically God is assisting victims of disaster just through a bunch of Christian Rockers.

Len: What kinds of music (genres) are represented?
Brandon: Hardcore Hip-Hop Rock ‘n’ Roll 80s Metal Alternative Heavy Metal Emo Indie Contempoary and Punk. Is that enough?
(no really I am laughing out loud.)

Len: Is the accessibility to area camp grounds or motels/hotels easy enough to get to?
Brandon: There’s no camping at Beech Lake but for those people that are traveling from a good ways away hotels are very nearby.

Len: Where is Job Fest held?
Brandon: Beech Lake in Lexington TN on June 11 2004.

Len: For what purpose does Job Fest live to fulfill?
Brandon: To tell you the truth it’s just to glorify God but helping out the community feels really good too though.

Len: How can a person get ahold of Job Fest tickets?
Brandon: Good question please e-mail us at We will give you info on how to get us the money and we will rush your tickets to you ASAHP (As Soon As Humanly Possible).

Len: Name a few of the bands that’re playing at Job Fest.Brandon: My Own Sky Ann Arbour The Roosevelts Rushmore Out Of These Ashes In Hymn Stealth Mode Racer Almost Yesterday and 12 more awesome bands.

Len: Why the variety in music styles?
Brandon: Because we want a wide variety of people of people. And even though this is the south there is a good reason why we don’t haveSouthern Gospel… because a lot of the people who listen to southern gospel act towards Christian Rock the same way a bunch of Straight Edge vegans would act at a Texas Barbecue. (no offense to Straight Edge vegans.)

Len: The proceeds are going to the American Red Cross what made up your mind to have the proceeds go towards that?
Brandon: When I organized last year’s JOB FEST I had no idea who I wanted the proceeds to go to but when the tornadoes came through and totally trashed Lexington as well as other Tennessee towns God made my mind up for me real quick. The American Red Cross does a lot of awesome stuff to assist the community so go help your local American Red Cross.

Len: How long has Job Fest been in operation?
Brandon: Since 2003 when I organized the first JOB FEST. It’s amazing to think that God has blessed by growing from 8 bands to 20 just in one year. God is so awesome.

Len: Any other concerts done by the Job Fest people?
Brandon: A few here and there but JOB FEST is my main concert concern. As far as the other few non bands members of the JOB FEST staff I’m not sure.

Len: If a person wants to find more info on Job Fest on the internet where can they go to?
Brandon: Go to

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