Interview with Mouth of the South’s Josiah Lyle

For six years Texas’ Mouth of the South has been blazing trails with their fiery metalcore riffs and tenacious southern attitude. Though the band has evolved almost entirely from the original lineup and sound in 2007, the fervor is still there as is evidenced by their three self-released albums and well-established touring schedule. We had a chance to catch up with Josiah for a quick chat.

CC: Introduce yourself
MOTS: Hey everyone! Josiah here!

CC: What’s your favorite tour/festival that you have played?
MOTS: It’s tough to pick a favorite tour. We’ve been blessed to be able to share the road with a bunch of awesome bands and people. If a had to choose based off locations I’d have to say our tour with War of Ages and Saving Grace because we got to go to Canada for the first time and we also hit both the east and west coasts. And my favorite festival would have to be anytime we play South by So What?! We always have a blast at that one!

CC: What band past/present would you most like to play with?
MOTS: For me, personally, I’d absolutely love to opportunity to play with Underoath. Their influence on me as musicians has been tremendous and it would be amazing to share the stage with them.

CC: What bands did you grow up listening to?
MOTS: I remember the first heavy song I listened to was Bayonetwork by Norma Jean. I also got really into The Chariot, Haste the Day, Zao, As I Lay Dying, The Bled, As Cities Burn, Underoath, The Agony Scene and the Blood Brothers.

CC: What bands do you listen to now?
MOTS: Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of more chill music. I still listen to As Cities Burn but also bands like Penny and Sparrow, Brand New, Lydia and others in that same vein.

CC: What is your favorite song to play live?
MOTS: As far as songs go I’d have to say that right now my favorite is our song, Monologue. It’s really dynamic and fun to play for sure. I’m excited to get Struggle Well out though and start playing the new ones!

CC: What song of yours is the most special to you?
MOTS: Part 2 on our record Transparency holds a special place in my heart and always will. The lyrics are incredibly personal and I almost cry every time I listen to it. There will also be a few like this on our Struggle Well album so again, definitely stoked to get that cd out for everyone!

CC: What is or would your mission statement as a band be?
MOTS: We have a theme of being transparent and open with everyone and so our mission statement would be to strive to be fully seen and fully known in order that the Spirit of the Lord may be lifted above our band and above our lives.

CC: What can you tell us about your upcoming album that is being released in August?
MOTS: Struggle Well comes out August 5th and I can fully say with confidence that we put all of ourselves into this record. It bleeds our convictions from beginning to end and we couldn’t be more proud of it. It’s still Mouth of the South but just way more matured.

CC: How do you find time to connect with God and have quiet time on tour?
MOTS: It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but at the same time with long drives we find ourselves with a lot of extra time on our hands and we try and use that time to spend with the Lord. We also try to go through devotionals together as a band as often as possible.

CC: Why should someone who has never heard of Mouth of the South check out your band?
MOTS: We like to view ourselves as truly authentic. There are no gimmicks or fronts with us. We don’t now and we never will try to be something that we’re not. What you see is what you get.

CC: What is your personal message to the people reading this interview?
MOTS: Know that we greatly appreciate your time reading this and from the bottom of our hearts we want to thank you for your support and tell you that no matter what you’re going through there is a God that loves you immeasurably. God bless.

Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.
Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.