Gray Lines of Perfection

Gray Lines of Perfection is a five piece Progressive Hardcore band with members from New Jersey and Delaware. With hearts centered in faith they have found and polished their unique blend of hardcore and rock influences. They currently have finished recording their full length debut entitled “Reaching The Ends Of The Earth” which will be released and distributed through Harvest Earth Records.

CCM: For those who don’t know who are the members of Gray Lines of Perfection and what do they do?”
GLOP: Kyle Mohr – Vocals Electronics…Mike Craven – Guitar Vocals…Matt Dittus – Guitar…Dave – Bass….Mark Luckasavage – Drums

CCM: Where does the force known as GLOP hail from?
GLOP: Gray Lines hails from many different central New Jersey towns but we call Monroe Township our home. It is both our practice area and home of our guitarist Mike. New Jersey has an amazing hardcore scene and there are so many kids into it. It can be considered one of the few breeding grounds for the hardcore of the east coast.

CCM: How long has the group as a collective been together?

GLOP: Gray Lines was formed in August of 2003 which means that in a few months it will be two years that we have been together. We have been through an unbelievable amount of members in that time period. Right now only two orginal members remain: Mike and our singer Kyle.

CCM: How would you describe your sound to a person who has never heard the band?
GLOP: To an outside listener I would say that at heart Gray Lines is a hardcore band but it is not confined to that genre. We try to branch out beyond that and encorporate various other genres into our music. Its pretty much all there…from catchy choruses to mosh mosh breakdowns. We try to have something for all kinds of music fans. We also dont want to sound repetitive as we want every song to have a certain feel and mood to it so that each song stands out more fluently. This formula really helps in our creative process and I believe makes for a great band.

CCM: Would you guys consider yourself a ministry band?
GLOP: We consider ourselves musicians first and foremost who are just trying to make good music and entertain people. Our way of thinking about it is that God gave us these special talents the ability to play our instruments and create music. He gave us these talents and what better way to use them than to praise Him? We spread our message of Christ’s love through our music attitudes and live shows. We aren’t here to shove our beliefs down people’s throats but we are just educating them on what we believe and hoping that we can get through to them and incorporate God into their lives. It is because of our own self-driven force that we have gotten as far as we have and it is by God’s grace that we still continue to make and love music.

CCM: Well said. Does the band have a proper release out?
GLOP: We have an old EP that we have recorded and pressed but it really displays and immature and still growing band. We have progressed so far from that initial record more than a year ago. From that time we done two recording sessions. During each of these we recorded 3 songs which are all available on purevolume. These recordings show how we have become better musicians and overall music makers and gained us much attention in the underground music industry. If all goes well this weekend (its a secret) everyone should be looking out for a full length release from us during late summer or fall of this year.

CCM: Any label help yet or are you guys releasing this one on your own?
GLOP: Well we are currently talking to Blood and Ink Records out of Richmond VA. We are going to play a show for them this coming Saturday and if all goes well then they are going to make us an offer. So we are so excitied about that and definitely praying and crossing our fingers.

CCM: Well good luck guys! I hope all the best for you and I hope this interview helps you in some way shape or form. God bless you guys and continue to keep making great music!
Kids do whatever you can to get your hands on this band’s music. They’re phenomonal and I don’t say that about anyone. No joke! Support these guys.

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