From Indian Lakes

From Indian Lakes released their debut full-length record The Man With Wooden Legs” on December 15 2009. The band recorded the album with producer Dryw Owens (Consider the Thief) during the summer of 2009. The songs that were spawned out of those sessions reflect the bands’ collective maturity and purpose while being surrounded by music that is otherwise derivative and lacking in any sort of defining positive characteristics”

(Brian) First off to the people who may not know who your band is who plays what in the band and to whom do I have the pleasure of talking to?
(Joey) My name is Joey and I play the guitar and I sing. Justin plays the guitar and sings. Rick plays the keys/percussion and sings. Guy plays the drums. Forrest plays the bass and sings.

(Brian) How would you describe your sound? What are some of the bands that influenced you the most?
(Joey) I usually describe us as soft at parts and then noisy. Bands that have really influenced us range from mewithoutYou to Fleet Foxes. Brand New to Good old War. We really like to keep our sound open to any possibility. It leaves things open I think.

(Brian) So how did the band get together and come about the name From Indian Lakes”?
(Joey) I was in a band and I started making demos at guys house in Indian Lakes that were in a much different direction but were where my heart was truly at. Soon after that me and him quit the band. Or maybe it was before that I’m not positive. I originally named the project “Songs From Indian Lakes” but that was too long once it became a band.

(Brian) Who did the producing on the album it sounds great?
(Joey) We recorded our album at Real Sound Studios with Dryw Owens. He is the most gifted musician I have ever had the privilege of being friends with. Also thank you!

(Brian) Now there have been rumors about a new album are any of them truth?
(Joey) A new album? We have been doing a lot of writing and we did recently post a video of some studio time. I am not sure what is in store for us in the next few months but I will say that everyone should be expecting a lot of exciting things.

(Brian) What are your tour plans this fall and winter?
(Joey) We are planning on playing a lot of shows this winter not necessarily touring. Like I said we are doing a lot of writing.

(Brian)What is your favorite place you guys have played?
(Joey) Our favorite place to play is definitely Epic Ventura. It looks amazing it is extremely professional and it has an amazing sound man. His name is Ben. If you see him give him a big hug and tell him I sent you.

(Brian) What is your main goal as a band?
(Joey) We would like everyone who hears us to feel. Anything.

(Brian) Lastly where can people who want to pick up your album get it?
(Joey) You can purchase it on iTunes or pick up a physical copy at a show.

(Brian) Is there anything else you would like to say?
(Joey) Thank you for supporting us we appreciate you.

We would like everyone who hears us to feel. Anything. live

Brian Morrissette