Made up of vocalist Sam Dean guitarists Seth Stepec and Alan Isaacson bassist Nolan ‘Dougie’ Johnson and drummer Winter Montoya Foreknown are a Christian melodic metalcore band. Their regular touring runs in and out of state and a couple of EPs eventually led to a deal with Blood and Ink Records which released a full-length opus entitled Calm Seas Don’t Make Sailors in early 2005. The band has since split up. Sam Nolan and Winters went on to form “No Wings To Speak Of”.

Cory: This is Cory from Who am I interviewing and what part do you play in the band?
FK: I am Samuel Aaron Dean. I am the singer in Foreknown.

Cory: Foreknown is a very faith-based band. What roles does you faith play in your music and touring?
Our Faith plays a roll in everything inside and outside the band. We are by no means perfect but we understand that with all that God has done for us this is such a small thing to do in return.

Cory: What message would you like everyone who listens to Foreknown toreceive?
FK:I suppose we could say a lot. One thing that has been on my heart personally is encouraging people to really find a personal relationship with God and not just religion. A lot of people think that Christ is rules and dogma. I know that Christ is love.

Cory: Have you ever been ridiculed or persecuted for yourbeliefs because you’re a Christian band? If so how’d did you respond to it?
FK:It has been a long time. When we first started we had some kids in our hometown that would really come down hard. We just had to deal with it and not let it get to us.

Cory: Does Foreknown have any plans for a future release?
FK:Heck yes. We just released Calm Seas Dont Make Sailors in February on Blood and Ink Records. We are going to be out on tour for the majority of this year to support the album. I imagine that we will write and record a new album early next year.

Cory: So Foreknown is playing Cornerstone festival this year have you played Cornerstone before? If so are you looking forward to it and why?
FK:mmmm yes Cornerstone. We love Cornerstone. Dirt Sweat and tattoos in the dorms. What could be better? The answer is nothing. We have been there in past year but have only played on smaller stages. This year we are bumpin the RFL stage. We have had good responses at Cornerstone in the past and I hope the magic continues.

Cory: What do you think of the Christians in a band bands that don’t play Christian music?
FK:Everyone can make up there own mind on that one. I know that some people are called to ministry through music and others are not.

Cory: Have you witnessed any changes in people’s lives personally through your music?
FK:We have seen some big changes and some small ones. One of the most rewarding for me personally was when a kid in Lubbock Texas came up to our merch table and told me that one of our songs had really helped him through a hard part of his live. That right there makes all the hard work worth it.

Cory: Having played and toured with secular bands how has Foreknown been able to share their faith with them and have you received any flack from them?
FK:We just treat them like everyone else. The last thing we wanna be doing is alienating this people. We have made some awesome friends and seen some band and friends come along way.

Cory: What current albums are you listening to?
FK:In the van we have been listening to a lot of All That Remains Mae Anberlin My Chemical Romance and Kanye West. We really listen to stuff all over the board.

Cory: What albums are you looking forward to?
FK:I personally am looking forward to the new Fall Out Boy As I Lay Dying and Still Remains (already got that one)

Cory: What do you do to pass time while in the van traveling?
FK:Tickle fights video games movies rhyming games and today I almost hit an old couple in San Diego.

Cory: Your first full-length came out great and I looked forward to your future endeavors. Thanks for your time and is there any last thing you would like to say?
FK:I would like to thank you for doing this interview and let all the people reading this that our new Cd is atHot Topic and we are always on tour so come see us.

” live”

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