Don’t Wake Aislin

Don’t Wake Aislin is a Dallas Texas rock band that has been together since 2004. DWA is widely known for their unique brand of alternative rock including a female singer whose vocals range from breathtakingly beautiful melodies to raw screaming and their powerful high-energy live performances.

(Brian) Hello who do I have the pleasure of interviewing?

(Brandon) This is Brandon from the band Don’t Wake Aislin.

(Brian) Who is in the band and what do they play?

(Brandon) I play guitar. Our singer’s name is Deena. Jordan plays bass Kalen is the other guitarist and our brand new drummer is named Guerin [pronounced gare-in].

(Brian) How did the band get its start?

(Brandon) Well Deena and I are thetwo original members. We actually met on Myspace oversix years ago and we met in person for the first time at Walmart. A few friends from church and I were just starting up the band and looking for a girl singer and Deena was the perfect fit. That was the beginning of Don’t Wake Aislin back in December of 2004! The other guys have all joined the band within the past year. They all formerly played with other bands from the area. Guerin (our drummer) actually just started playing with us at the very beginning of 2011. We’re really excited about the new lineup! All of the guys are awesome.

(Brian) Where are you all out of?

(Brandon) Dallas TX.

(Brian) Where does the name Don’t Wake Aislin” comes from? It sounds to me that it comes from The Chronicles of Narnia; am I right?

(Brandon) A lot of people think that but it’s actually not related at all. The name is pronounced Aislin like MAZE-lin. Aislin is a Gaelic name that means “dream” so the band’s name means “don’t wake the dream.” Essentially don’t give up on the calling in your life the thing that you’re most passionate about.

(Brian) What in your own words is the main mission of Don’t Wake Aislin?

(Brandon) To spread the message that God’s put on our hearts and to see lives changed through music. We’re just doing what God’s called us to do and we’ll keep going until He says “Stop.”

(Brian) Don’t Wake Aislin has one EP out right? Where can you get it?

(Brandon) Yes sir! it’s called “Everyone Has A Story…” and you can find it on iTunes Napster etc…or you can buy it from us directly at any of our shows.

(Brian) So Ilearned from your band’s Facebook page that there might be a new album in the works; can that be confirmed?

(Brandon) Most definitely! We’ve been working hard on a new EP and we expect to be in the studio to record it within the next few months. We’re all extremely excited about it! Also as a bonus we’ll be releasing a brand new single (which will not be on either EP) in just a few weeks along with a new music video!

(Brian) Have you guys come up with a name for the album?

(Brandon) We’re trying to not spoil too many secrets about the new stuff yet.

(Brian) Is there any estimated release date for the album?

(Brandon) We expect to release it in late spring or early summer of this year.

(Brian) Will the album be differentfrom past material?

(Brandon) Withthree new guys in the band it will definitely be a little different than stuff we’ve written in the past. I think it will still be a natural progression for us though. The instruments are sounding a little more aggressive and it’s more dynamic overall. We’ve played one of the new songs at some of our recent shows and so far the crowds have loved it. I think the rest of the CD will get the same response.

(Brian) Are you guys playing any shows/tours that you would like to share with our readers?

(Brandon) We have a few hometown shows in the next few months as well as some in February with Sent By Ravens and a good up-and-coming band from Oklahoma called Fight The Fade. We’ll also be playing a show ortwo down in Austin during the South By Southwest music conference. Our main focus is definitely to finish up the new music and release the CD though so our booking schedule might be a little lighter than normal. After we release the EP we plan on hitting a lot of the summer festivals and touring as much as possible.

(Brian) What is your favorite tour/show memory? What made it so memorable?

(Brandon) Haha wow. We’ve had a lot of good times on the road. A recent show that sticks out as being awesome was a festival that we played in Dallas called FortyFest. The lineup was great–Red Brian ‘Head’ Welch Pillar Project 86 Emery The Wedding Oh Sleeper The Letter Black– and the crowd was great. It was blazing hot outside and the stage was in the middle of a racetrack so there was no shade anywhere but people were out there all day rocking out. We had an amazing time and got to meet SO many fans after our set. I heard they might do it again this year and I hope they do. Dallas needs more big Christian rock shows like that.

(Brian) Is there anything that I and our readers could be praying for you guys about?

(Brandon) Thanks for asking! We would just ask that you pray for safety as we travel guidance as we make some big decisions and provision as we prepare to record the new cd! We are also looking for a good manager and booking agent right now and are praying that God shows us who He wants us to work with.

(Brian) Is there anything else you would like to say? Good luck and God Bless! Bye.

(Brandon) Make sure to call your local Christian rock station and request our single “Clear Skies Are Hard To Find”! It just hit radio this month. Also be on the lookout for a new single and music video to be released online in just a few weeks! If people want to get to know us a little better or are interested in having us play in their town they can connect with us at and

” Make sure to call your local Christian rock station and request our single Clear Skies Are Hard To Find!” 2011-01-06″ live”

Brian Morrissette