Bryce has been officially writing songs since June 2005 and loves it!! Rachelle officially joined March 2008 and has brought with her a beautiful breath of fresh air. The name Coolfield is a mixture of last names; Bryce’s… COOLey and one of his friends chatFIELD. “When they first started hanging out we made a joke band named Coolfield and made mix CD’s with our favorite songs and such. When I started writing music it just stuck and now I like it. That is why ‘Coolfield = Best Friends Forever’”

I was asked tons of questions by my friends on Myspace it was one of the most enjoyable interviews ever! Though it is the longest interview ever as well. I had a lot of fun answering these and tried to be as honest as possible. So I hope you have fun reading them. Though thats weird because I am just Bryce but here they are =-)

Do you remember my name??
I’m gonna go with Amanda?

Ive been curious how long youve been playing before and if you know anything about theory?
Umm I have been playing since about 9th grade. I graduated high school in 2000 so I guess that puts my start date around 1996… But I am not really that good so don’t gauge your abilities by mine.

Do you enjoy bob Dylan?
I would be jumping on a bandwagon if I said yes. I have never really listened to him.

Who are your major influences musically and/or lyrically?
Wow ummm a lot of influences in both areas. Jack Johnson Damien rice the Decembrists cold play rocket summer. I listen to everyones lyrics I listen to how they paint pictures with words and say man I wish I could do that.”

What would qualify as gross questions?
Your face qualifies…. Oh snap!

What do you love most?
That is a pretty broad question. I am gonna say Jesus.

Hows the music life going?
Pretty good I guess. I am having fun and that is the point right??

How was your childhood growing up?
I have led a blessed life for sure. My parents are married and they loved me even though I was less than loveable for most of my teen years. They have always supported me and I love my parents to death. I don’t tell them that enough.

I was wondering what you think about marrying this one girl named Maryann?
I will consult my magic 8 ball *shakes 8 ball* “seems questionable to me” ouch…

What high school did you go to? Cordova high school WHAT WHAT!!!
When was your first kiss? Ummmm either 9th or 10th grade.
What’s your favorite book? The bible than blue like jazz
Where did you take your first girlfriend on your first date? Ha umm I was broke and in high school so probably like McDonalds… Ya I’m smooth.

What first made you want to get into music?
Honestly?? Church… And some different worship leaders especially Shane barnard and Shane Everett.

Did you ever doubt your abilities? If so why?
Did I ever?? I still do. I used to be way worse I remember one time at a church event everyone was singing songs and they sounded so good I left the room and cried because I thought I sounded so bad. I wasn’t but I convinced myself I was I still do to this day.

When do your best lyric ideas come to you?
When I am not even thinking about writing when life and god inspires. If it doesn’t just come out in a span of 20 minutes it will most likely suck.

How long have you been writing for?
I have only been trying to write songs since last June so wow thats almost a year now!

Whats the most rewarding part about being a musician?
Hearing people tell me that something I dealt with and wrote about encouraged them and help them through it. I can’t understand how that is possible. So even those hard things I see how god worked it out to help others and that makes it worth it.

What’s your favorite band(s)? Why?
Ummm jack’s mannequin (good story telling) the Decembrists (amazing story telling and musical arrangements) august burns red (they make my face melt) Damien rice (lulls me to sleep) Shane and Shane (touch my soul).

Whats your favorite dumb joke?
I like to take phrases people say that aren’t insults and turn them into insults. For example someone will make a statement. Look at that drawing it is just a bunch of jagged lines. And I will say (1) your face is a jagged line (2) your a jagged line. And then I laugh at myself and try to get others to laugh with me generally it is at me.

Favorite lame pick up line?
I am pretty sure I am not cool enough for pickup lines.

Does your family support your dreams?
Ya my mom bought a t-shirt. And on a slightly more pathetic level I still get to live at home while I go to college.

What do you really enjoy doing besides music?
I love riding my bike along the river a lot. I like talking to my dog cinder the cutest chubbiest laziest black lab ever!!! I love hanging out with my friends. I love doing youth ministry (Im a youth pastor). I love hearing people’s stories questions struggles. I love letting people know that they matter. I like watching movies I like doing web design I love naps I love swimming. Ok ya thats enough.

When you first started were you interested in the same kind of music you are now. I noticed you have a wide variety of music selection you seem to like.
Ya I am all over the place with music. I like the same music but I go in and out of listening to different artists. I have loved hardcore forever but recently I have been listening to more indie and dance rock stuff as well as a little acoustic. Sometimes I will just say “I haven’t listened to (insert band here) for awhile” and I will listen to them.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
I have an older brother he was married last summer I was the best man and now I kind of have a sister-in-law. She rules.

Do you believe in god?
Yes mam I do whole-heartedly.

Do you have a religion? What is it if so?
I really despise the term religion. In the name of religion people do a lot of bad stuff. But I know that is not what you mean I just had to preface that. I am a Christian meaning I love Jesus a lot and I do my best to follow him.

What keeps you living for god even when the most terrible things happen in life? For instance what do you think kept job trusting god
I try to put my life in perspective. Few terrible things have happened in my life compared to the stuff people in other countries face everyday. I am blessed I think anyone who is reading this is blessed because they have a computer a home a place to have shelter even temporarily. I can only really answer that question when everything gets taken away from me like from job. I don’t know how job did it I fear he is stronger than I though I pray that I can find that strength in me somewhere.

What exactly drives you to get up every morning?
Sometimes I don’t have the drive it is mere obligation which is sad. I would love to give the standard Christian answer of “Jesus!!” and maybe one day that will be fully true. But for right now in all honesty it is obligation. Sad things aside the opportunity to love on hurting people is really nice too.

Colors! What one best describes you?
Sky blue maybe?? Because it is a pretty color and uplifting to look at however a lot of times blue represents sadness and sometimes I feel really sad.

Gotta love some music whats rockin the old stereo this month??
I just got an old favorite back from a buddy. So I am going to say anguish unsaid “the chronicles of the restoration of the church” so freakin rad!

How did your day go?
So far today has been good. I went to 2 junior high graduations (for the kids in my youth group) tonight I am going to the high school one. If I could have my hearts desire that would mean my favorite person ever will be accompanying me but I don’t know if that will happen. Rough times ya know?

Tell me about your guitar….
Umm I don’t know a lot about it. It rules it was a 1 year anniversary present. It is an ovation slim line celebrity edition with a built in tuner and I filed down the action so it plays a little better. It is sooooo neat.

Whats your favorite movie sweetheart?
Wow thats a tough question. Ummmm I am going to go with 3 of different genre (1) Momento (2) Usual Suspects (3) Zoolander.

Who inspires you the most?!
Well my best friend inspires me tons whether she knows it or not. My friends inspire me. The way I see god in everything inspires me. The beauty and pain of life inspires me. Children oh man children inspire me daily. Nothing can make a day better like children’s laughter and their logic is glorious. I have this book called “childrens letters to god.” it is the cutest and most beautiful book ever written. Why because it was written by kids from 3 – 12 years old with their simple thoughts about god. I love it!!!!!!

Is there background/story/history behind all your songs?
Pretty much all of them. The only one that is fictitious is chestnut tree but chestnut tree pt. 2 though a continuation of the first is more personal as you could probably tell. But yes my friends and the people I encounter daily are what I write about. Sometimes songs like “true beauty” I wrote to myself as a way to slap myself for my own vanity which I despise. It is as if to say “no!!! This is what real beauty is.”

When did you learn that music was your passion?
Depends on if you are talking listening or playing?? Listening since junior high music has been huge in my life controlling my mood framing my thinking and all that kind of stuff. As far as my writing ever since I started following Jesus (the year 2000). You know when you really love something you want to express that. Since music was so huge to me and I had mediocre at best guitar skills I tried doing it that way.

Who were some of the main Christian influences in your life?
As I said before my parents the youth pastor I interned under my Sunday school teacher Barbara I still get hugs from her =-).

What made you wanna be a singer and share your {awesome} talent with cool kids like me :]?
Grace. She encouraged me that I had talent and if I wanted to try I should. I never thought I had the ability I still don’t really but she encourages me. The name Coolfield is a mixture of last names mine COOLey and hers is chatFIELD. When we first started hanging out we made a joke band named Coofield and made mix CD’s with our favorite songs and such. When I started writing music it just stuck and now I like it. That is why “Coolfield = Best Friends Forever”

When are you coming to Michigan?
When I am cool enough for people in Michigan to know who I am… Oh and when I’m not broke.

Whats one things you have learned this year that you never knew before?
I can easily put on a fake front with people even those I care for greatly. I always thought I was pretty genuine but it took a lot of searching my heart to realize that at times I am far from that.

Acid rain or fruit loops?
Acid rain of course…

How does Christ play into your music?
Though I don’t outright say Jesus in all my songs my goal is that his teachings love and acceptance joy life lived to the fullest are conveyed in every song. If you look for it in my songs you can notice it.

So what made you wanna become a musician and devote enough time into it to tour and such?
I figure why not. I love music it makes me happy. If I have the ability to play something even somewhat able to be enjoyed by others. If it allows me to reach out to more people than I would and share love and hope and joy with them why wouldn’t I do it? If my music doesn’t benefit or help anyone else and I am just making it for myself to boost my ego that is the day I stop playing.

When and how/why did you come up with the idea to write your own rendition of the theme song to the fresh prince of bell air?
Heheh. Well first off that show rules so ya there is that. But so many people out there especially in the acoustic genre are way “intense” and “artsy” and “serious” ya I guess I have that side of me. But I like people to know that I am silly I am a freakin nerd. And I thought what better way to show that then cover a nerdy song. I totally wanted to do teenage mutant ninja turtles and saved by the bell but I haven’t figured out how yet.

If you could be one animal for the rest of your life what would it be?
A freakin monkey hands down oh wait…. I have recently been overcome with a strange fascination for birds. I love watching how they fly and bop their heads around. So ya I change my answer to birds. I mean who doesn’t want to fly I mean seriously?

How do you feel about Christian music industry wise? Many music acts who make it turn away from their Christian message and focus more on “positive views” to keep popularity up. Why do you think this is? Would you comment on what you think needs to happen to keep this from happening?
I mean I definitely understand the want to share a Christian message without preaching. I mean you have probably noticed that there are not many of my songs that blatantly say Jesus. There are a few reasons for me I can’t speak for everyone. (1) as it is with talking to people about Jesus they are not willing to listen to you if they don’t know you. There needs to be some relationship before anyone will give you attention. So for me playing music that shows people that I am human and I happen to be Christian opens doors for stuff like that to happen. (2) now if people end up only writing positive views and they end up changing their lives and falling away I would see that as a problem. But I know a lot of bands who don’t always blatantly say Jesus but it is in their songs it is in their lives in their smiles and their hugs and people see that and it draws them in. (3) I have seen it open so many doors to play the music that I play to just encourage people in their lives that I may have never had if I had put the title “Christian” in my music. So I dont know if that helps e-mail me if you have more on that.

Where/who/what do you think you’d be/be doing today if you didn’t know Jesus like you do?? In a secular band? Or….” 🙂
I don’t know where I would be. Probably not in band. I honestly can’t imagine it which I guess is cool. But I would probably still be relatively angry and depressed most of the time. Ya I still get sad and what not but such is life.

Whats an easy way to make music and do you have any beginning song books I can borrow?
Ummm I dont know of any good beginning books.

Do you believe in soul mates one true love for your whole life?
I do not believe in love at first sight which is sad to a lot of people. I believe love is a choice. I believe in infatuation at first sight. But love is something you need to work for everyday and choose that even when it is tough I am going to love this person. And yes after marriage it is for the rest of my life. She is mine and I am hers.

If you werent a musician what would you want to be? (let me guess…. A mascot 4 a major football team?)
Man so close well I am actually going to school to be a youth pastor. So that.

Can you remember the last time you thought “this is the best day of my life”?
2 that I can think of. One I got to hang out with a friend and it was just super cool and carefree we went to the drive ins and my car died and then it got re charged and we watched arrested development (best show ever) and talked until like 3:30 in the morning. And two after one long day of doing web design all day the next day I rode my bike to the park 6 miles read my bible for 45 minutes rode home 6 miles and swam 10 laps after exercising for 2 hours. I like days where I get a lot done and leave the house.

What/who inspires your music?
God people I encounter daily books I read the trees the sky the birds. Life in general does.

Who do you look to for music advice?
A lot of my friends who work at the underground: Ken Christina Jesse Nick Troy Ben. And just close friends Grace Kylie Jeff Magen Kyla. All the people in the world could tell me they like my songs but if I dont hear it from these people I will be led to believe my songs suck.

If you could create/market your own toothbrush what variation of your name would you use for it and what color would it be?
Hmmm Coolfield haha Ill go with Coolfi and it would be maroon and green.

If you could be stranded on an island with one other person which would you miss more air conditioning or heating?
Air conditioning probably. I figure I would probably take someone I could hug so that could keep me warm. (I said hug thats all dont be gross)

Do you tie your shoes with one hoop then loop around it and through or 2 hoops and tie them together? If other variation specify.
I do the one loop. Thats how us in Rancho Cordova roll WHAT WHAT!!

If you wanted to cut your hair and it was 6 inches long and you needed 8 inches of hair to sell it as a wig would you just cut it cuz you wanted to or wait another 2 months or so?
Well I have gone this long why not wait a little longer. I really freakin need a hair cut

Chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate vanilla is gross except in cookies ..

(this one should be easy) how awesome is Brandi?
Brandi?? Brandi who? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh burn!!! Your face is a Brandi! Is there a door in here because I just heard a slam!!!!!!!

Do you get inspired by other people’s lives?
More than anyone will ever know. Without knowing one of my songs could be about someone that I dont even know that well.

Do you think it is possible to love someone if you don’t? Love yourself?
No that is really sad but I know how it is to not really care for yourself. It is hard to give love to someone if you dont have any for yourself you will get to burned out and it will end up hurting everyone all the more.

How do you feel about the Davinci Code?
I hear it is a great book. It is a total fiction it says so in the book so I dont think there is any reason for Christians to get tall worked up about it. Though it raises some good points and I think it is good for Christian people to question what they believe because the bible can handle it. It has never been proved false so it can take a little questioning.

What do you think makes a great friendship?
Communication and sacrifice being able to give to someone even when you dont feel you have anything to give. In situations like that the other person will end up giving when you are empty and it fills you up and you can do the same for them and you build each other up and encourage each other.

Do you tend to wear black everyday?
Mainly because most band shirts are black. And I have a lot of friends in bands. Also black matches with everything.

Are you a vegetarian?
Yes mam =-)

What “clique” would you say you belonged to in high school?
I hung out with all the goth kids. Mainly because they were the ones that accepted me and were nice to me. Most other people made fun of me. The odd thing is I graduated prom king?? Figure that one out.

Do you start your day early?(to me the morning is when my voice sounds the best so I like to write in the morning)
No way I sound like a frog in the morning. I mean I work at 9 but I would never think to try to write a song well at least sing a song then.

When you want something do you o everything in your power to get it? Or when you start something new do you do everything possible to achieve whatever it may be?
Yes but that is a more recent development. Before that I really took things for granted and it hurt some very important people.

What are the things you are most passionate about?
God family friends helping others. Well honestly the things you are most passionate about come out in what you talk about the most. I would have to say it is music movies t.v. (24 lost the office arrested development) god friends family. Those are some jacked up priorities in my mind. I am working on that.

What goals do you have for the future?
I just want to do whatever I am supposed to do. I dont know what that means.

Any Tour plans???
Indeed!!!!!! I am going on a 2 week west coast tour starting in August 1st and going to the 12 I am hitting Reno Portland Tacoma Camas (Tomfest) San Francisco Azusa Modesto and Marysville. I am very excited but very nervous!!!!!!!!!

Any last words?
ummm my myspace is

” I don’t know how Job did it I fear he is stronger than I though I pray that I can find that strength in me somewhere. Well my best friend inspires me tons whether she knows it or not. My friends inspire me. The way I see god in everything inspires me. The beauty and pain of life inspires me. “

Guest Writer