Coolfield comes from Sacramento CA. They write simple expressive indie folk songs from the heart. It started out as a solo project of Bryce Cooley but in 2009 expanded with Casey Alford (bass) John Glover (keys) Mike Sanchez (drums) and Brittany Hansen (vocals). We are in a new chapter as a band and it’s exciting to see where this will take us.

Kim: I know your band name derived from Cooley but I can’t put my finger on your first generation member that links the Cool to the field. Please explain it again Mr BryceCooley. By the way I am honored to do this interview.

Bryce:it’s an honor to be interviewed by you Kim! Well the “FIELD” in Coolfield comes from the last name of one of my close friends Grace ChatFIELD. Back in 2005 I was just a guy with a love for music but no direction [to go] in. Grace encouraged me to try to write songs and so I did. I took the name Coolfield as a mashup of our two names.

Kim: Can you tell me who are the newest members of Coolfield and a little about each member?

Bryce: Sure. Well for a year now as of Joshua Fest 2009 the line-up has been:

  • Casey Alford (bass / bg vocals). I went to High School with his wife ten years ago.[He] and I met at a show and we needed someone for our show at Joshua Fest. He said yes and we all loved him.
  • Mike Sanchez (drums)formerly from a hardcore band with John Glover named Bella Marie then Athens. We went to the same school for a while and knew each other through playing shows.
  • John Glover (keys) was introduced to me by Mike. He is good at everything he does; it’s sickening. Seriously….One time he passed me on a bicycle while doing a wheelie for like 100 yards. I was going 17 mph.
  • Brittany Hansen (Vocals). Brittany is awesome and I can’t wait to let everyone hear her voice more clearly.She will lead a lot more on our new stuff. We met through Mike.They’re dating; sorry boys. She also plays keys and guitar very well.

Kim: I always fall in love with all your lady vocalists I can’t wait to hear more or see…. speaking of which do you have any new releases possibly working on the 2010 Christmas album?I love how you do that every year!

Bryce:I haven’t really talked to them about a Christmas album though I super want to do one. I will ask them today! The issue for me is I get married on December 18th so I don’t want to skip out on planning responsibilities just to have some fun. Maybe we will just do a one- or two-song Christmas thing this year.

Kim: Yay! I am pretty sure all of your fans are anticipating that. You have to; it’s my Christmas tradition to pop in your albums

Bryce:Well our old Christmas albums will of course be available for download in the next few weeks. Aside from that we have new music in the works. We have one song 75% done.We are just working on the lyrics and vocals now and we are going to start on our second. These are the first songs we have written as a band so it takes some time around our busy schedules.

Kim:Yesgrowing up means smaller schedules drat! I already harrass you about touring… well are you going to huh? huh? lol

Bryce:Ha whoa calm down! Yes.When? Not sure. Our goal would be to write at leastsix songs combine them with the songs on our “Coming Into Clarity EP” and release a full-length then do a tour in support of that release. We haven’t discussed it much.We have not been playing a lot in order to focus on writing.

Kim: Ok I will have to tape my mouth ’til then. Enlighten us a little us on what’s been happening with the new EP.

Bryce:Well we released our “Coming Into Clarity EP” in March 2010; it is my proudest accomplishment yet. It hasfive tracks and is justfive bucks. You can get it on iTunes or any other major online distributor of music. The idea behind the name with this EP is they were my songs performed by the new band so they got to put their fingerprints on it but it wasn’t fully theirs. This new record will have their fingerprints all over it and we will have found OUR sound rather then MY sound. I am way excited because our sound is way better than my sound ever was.

In the past though I have been proud of my recordings I haven’t wanted to share them as much with people. But we came up with some really cool stuff this time around and I have been more than happy to share our sound with people.

Kim: Being proud of your work is the ultimate feeling and I can’t wait to continue hearing Coolfield grow and see you guys play live.

Bryce:Thanks Kim we really appreciate it!

Kim: I am HUGE on lyrics when it comes to music. Tell me about some topics you sing about.

Bryce:On our latest EP “Coming into Clarity” it was about going through days with God. “Snapshots” is about a day spent with God from morning to night and my desire to hold onto that bond. “Running in Circles” is a fictional story of two long-time best friends who fall in love. “Learning to Fly” is about the freedom I feel when I combine cycling and time with God and “Chasing Butterflies” is a story of a couple pre-marriage throughout their life.It is supposed to be a story of long-time committed love that endures.

Kim: Aw those sound really sweet. I want to listen to them right now like books on tape. Since you write about your walk with Christ please tell us about how you’ve come to know Christ.

Bryce:I actually grew up in a Christian home with Christian parentsSo I have known about God my entire life. I accepted him when I was like five but I think my reward was Oreo’s….Not really just meaning to say I wasn’t really in it at the time. It was senior year of high school that I really turned things over to Him. It was through people like Yelena (Casey’s wife) inviting me to a college-age worship service and the people that I met there that my idea of Christians drastically changed. I saw people who were real who were cool and who loved God with a passion I had never seen.

God started changing me through that and in the end used Christian music to draw me to Him. Bands like Blindside Living Sacrifice Supertones Jars of Clay Slick Shoes etc. played a big role in my following after Christ. That may sound silly I guess it kind of is but it didn’t stay there. My faith has deepened over time.

Kim: If you can label your next album with a bible verse what verse would it be?

Bryce:Oi! You mean like the theme of it???

Kim: Umm…sure!

Bryce:Matthew 22:37Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’

Kim: That’s definitly a good one; isn’t that the greatest commandment?

Bryce:I think love is an all-encompassing word that gets used so narrowly by most people. Even songs of loss or sadness can be the result of love.

Kim: Here is a random for you: I remember you had a mohawk many moons ago. I am wondering what music you were into at that time?

Bryce:I never went full out mohawk.My hairstyles have been as follows: Twists (think Brian Welsch from Korn) Liberty Spikes Messy bedhead (dyed black of course) and messy bedhead all natural. Basically post-Korn hair days I have always liked all styles of music ranging from punk screamo (when that was a thing) hardcore metal folk indie etc.

Kim: Mohwak spikes–they all defy gravity heehee. Did any of your band mates have a fun style growing up that you want to talk about?

Bryce:it’s true. Ha I think John was a little gangsta in High School. But I’ll let their pasts be their pasts and not publicly shame them.

Kim: Do you think the fans that listen to your music will try to dress like you or have your hair cut?

Bryce:Ha not me–I am not that cool. I’ve been mistaken for a homeless person on more than one occasion

Kim: Did the music you listened to growing up and pre-Coolfield influence how you write now or was it from a later time in life?

Bryce:Well partially what influenced me is my lack of real guitar playing ability hence the simple songs. But aside from that I love songs thatare stories (a la The Decemberists) and I love Jesus a lot. So typically my songs combine those two elements: stories of life through the lens of a boy trying to love God.

Kim: Every artist is passionate about making music and sharing it with others at one time or another. What is the reason deep in your heart that drives you to continue on this musical adventure?

Bryce:For me it’s twofold. I love playing with all of the guys in the band. They are friends not just band members and they make it fun for me. I have been frustrated on my own for some time hitting my musical ceiling and not being able to do much but they have opened me up to some new and fun things. So partially it’s just the joy I get from creating music with these guys. On a more sentimental noteI want to have music to show my niece my future children grandchildren etc. To say “this is a little piece of who your dad uncle grandpa is” to me that is very special and always a wonderful thought.

Kim: Yeah I am proud of you for doing this ’cause I know you always had a love for music and to go out and step up to create some is so awesome to see.

Bryce:Thank you very much.

Kim: If you could make a high-end music video for any of your songs which one would it be and tell me what you would do?

Bryce:Oh geez. I want to say “Chestnut Tree” of our prior EP because everyone seems to love that song but it’s so old that I don’t think we would do it. I would say our band would probably choose to do “Time Passes By.” I foresee it being a very simply video of a man walking through town and learning something new about his relationship with God through his various interactions with people and his surroundings.

Kim:Yes “Chestnut Tree.”I think everyone would love that butI still think your little You Tube video of it is adorable!

Bryce:Haha I forgot about that video.

Kim: Thanks for setting time aside to let me share with ChristCore fans. Catch ya later Bryce and Coolfield. -Kim*

Bryce:Thanks Kim we really appreciate it!

” We came up with some really cool stuff this time around and I have been more than happy to share our sound with people. I think love is an all-encompassing word that gets used so narrowly by most people. Even songs of loss or sadness can be the result of love. “

Guest Writer