Christina Falub

Born and raised in Southern California in a Christian home Christina Falub discovered her talent as a singer at a very young age. Growing up family and friends witnessed a once little girl transform into a young woman with an extremely big voice. What was once a hobby for Christina became a lifestyle that permeated every facet of who she was allowing her impactful voice to be used for a much greater purpose: glorifying God.

(Brian) Who are you and what do you do?

(Christina) My name is Christina Falub and I’m an 18-year-old independent artist. I was born and raised in Southern California and discovered my talent at a fairly young age. It was in the fall of 2010 that I took my gift of singing to the next level and recorded my debut album Swept Away.”

(Brian) How would you describe the music you play?

(Christina) My album “Swept Away” has an array of songs that are all different in their own way. You can expect a rawness in some songs and then a fun electronic drive in other songs. All in all I would describe it as modern fresh and unique.

(Brian) Would you consider yourself a Christian artist?

(Christina) Yes. Jesus is the only reason why I sing. Without Him it would all be in vain. My purpose is to give Him glory and honor through my music. He’s the Artist; I’m simply a tool He is using.

(Brian) What would you say is the main mission of your career?

(Christina) My main mission is to make Jesus known through my music and for Him to be glorified. I want others to see Jesus being portrayed through my music.

(Brian) Who are some artists that inspire you to play your music?

(Christina) I would have to say that I get inspired by a lot of different artists but Josh White would have to be my number one inspiration. His genuine faith and love for God along with the raw feelings about who God is to him flows out in his lyrics. He wants people to know that God is real which I feel is important for any Christian artist to accomplish in their music. Josh White has a way of really cutting deep to the core through his music.

(Brian) What are your top 5 albums right now? Christian and Non-Christian included.

(Christina)1. Josh White – Anchor

2. Mat Kearney- Young Love

3. Taylor Swift – Speak Now

4. Sanctus Real – Pieces of a Real Heart

5. Leeland – The Great Awakening

(Brian) The name of your album is Swept Away right? What are some of the concepts on it?

(Christina) After listening to each of the songs carefully we came up with a title that best encapsulates the album. We decided to name the album “Swept Away” because it perfectly illustrates a sweet surrender that only Christ can fulfill. Once you listen to each of the songs from beginning to end you will be swept away by God’s grace. Sometimes we just have to be still and let ourselves be swept away by the reality of who Jesus is and what he accomplished on Calvary.

(Brian) Which song on Swept Away is your favorite? Why?

(Christina) I do not really have a favorite song on my record because each song is unique in its own way and speaks to me differently. Each song reveals to me something new and different about Jesus and his great love for us. I really like the way “Like an Avalanche” turned out. It has very deep and moving words with a beautiful melody which I love. It is one of my most popular songs on the record.

(Brian) Where can our readers pick up your awesome debut albumSwept Away?

(Christina) Almost everywhere. You can find my music on iTunes Amazon cdbaby YouTube Rhapsody Emusic Napster Zune spotify 7digital iHeart Radio MediaNet Liquid Digital Media Tradebit Nokia Shockhound Verizon GreatIndieMusic and my website.

(Brian) How has the reception of Swept Away been from the fans and the media?

(Christina) My fans and the media were very excited supportive and positive throughout the entire project and fairly pleased with the outcome.

(Brian) If you only had a couple of minutes to sell your CD to our readers what would you say?

(Christina) If you are looking for a fresh outlook on Christian music from a young independent artist “Swept Away” is the album for you. I want my listeners to not just merely listen to my music but to leave with something to chew on. You will definitely be refreshed encouraged and inspired.

(Brian) What is it like playing to crowds down in California?

(Christina) My fans are extremely supportive. When God gives me the opportunity to play at a show or lead worship it’s all about Him not me. He gets the glory each time and it’s amazing seeing people get encouraged through my music. It can definitely be challenging sometimes when you’re put on the spotlight. The attention is all on you and it can become a performance rather than a true act of worship.

(Brian) Here’s a little theological question for you: who and what is God to you?

(Christina) He’s everything to me. Without Him we would not have the slightest glimmer of hope. I hold on to Christ like an anchor for the soul because He’s all I have to hold on to in a broken world. Jesus Christ is the only way truth and life.

(Brian) Is there anything I and the readers could be in prayer for you?

(Christina) For the Lord to give me more opportunities to serve Him and make Him known through my music to arise at any opportunity.

(Brian) Lastly is there anything else you would like to say to our readers.

(Christina) Thank you so much for following me on this journey of mine and for you support. I pray that my music may be an encouragement to you and paint a picture of God’s grace and love. Thank you Christcore for this amazing interview and allowing me to be a part of this ministry!

” Jesus is the only reason why I sing. Without Him it would all be in vain.”

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