Brutal Fight

Cory: This is Cory from Christ Core Music whom is this and what instrument do you BF?
My name is Jerry and I play the drums in Brutal Fight.

Cory: Would you call BF a ministry band?
We all have always considered our band a ministry focused band.

Cory: If answered yes to above. How do you feel BF can carry out their ministry work the most effectively as a ministry band?
We’ve always believed that there is no one set way to run ministry we are all pretty open to what God is doing in the moment. I wouldn’t say that we are a very preachy band from stage but we all think that if we felt that’s what God was doing we would. Some bands tend to be preachier than others and we are OK with that- we personally like relationship evangelism. When we go to shows we try our best not to be clicky and just hang out with the “cool people”. We like to find the ones that don’t fit in and we usually take them out to dinner after the show or out to ice cream. We’ve noticed that that makes much more of an impact then just preaching your message from the stage. We also are big on being open to other people’s views. Not that we have to believe them but I think way too many Christians are into preaching but not listening. I think that’s what Christ did He actually cared for people on a one on one basis and he wasn’t afraid to hear why people thought the way they did because He knew the truth. Way to many kids these days are almost afraid that someone else’s views will challenge their faith but we believe if you never challenge your faith how are supposed to grow in God more. In doing this we have also seen a big response to people actually caring and wanting to hear the Gospel because we are willing to hear their story

Cory: How can music that sounds so angry and “evil” be Christian or an effective ministry tool?
I would for sure say that Brutal Fight is going for the most angry aggressive sound that we can. I wouldn’t say evil though. We believe that all music styles are God’s music. If you read the Old Testament in the book of Habakkuk the prophet Habakkuk prays a prayer of Shigionoth which means a prayer that shakes the earth around. So this wasn’t just a sissy prayer it was an angry frustrated yet praise prayer to God. We would like to say that that book has helped us explain to people who are ignorant to the whole issue that Gods OK with us being angry sometimes and frustrated with the state of our world or even the current state of ourselves and it’s OK to produce music that stirs those emotions. We would just hope it would stir those emotions in a positive way not a violent way but a way that would move peoples hearts especially Christians to desire revolution in their lives and to regain the heart God has for the lost.

Cory: How can Christians who go to shows most effectively be a witness for Jesus Christ?
Like I said before I don’t believe there is a formulated way to do it I would say listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. I think a no brainer would be to just love and accept kids for who they are and not to be in a rush to “SAVE” them. Just be genuine and transparent with kids and love them. We believe that in doing this kids will see God for who he really is.

Cory: On a different note what are some of the members in BF hobbies? What do yall like to do outside of band?
We all love to hang out man. All of us are best friends so we hang out as much as we can. I know Matt loves to read a ton of books. Joel loves to debate with people and I know he like hanging out with his girlfriend. Timmy and Cody just loaf around and watch the OC on DVD. I love to spend time with my wife and I love playing and writing worship music.

Cory: How do you see BF a year from now? Two?
I hope that we are able to do things on a bigger scale. Our CD that just came out called “Our merciful Father” on Strikefirst Records is for sure a start with that goal. We all are very proud of the CD and how it turned out. We also plan on touring as much a stinking possible around the U.S and Europe. And then as far as music goes we have already started writing new stuff and all I can say is that we are going to try our best to sound more aggressive than anything. We want people’s heads to explode. As far as when we record again we aren’t really worrying about that . Right now we are just trying to push the new CD as much as possible.

Cory: Would you personally like to play in a band for the rest of your life or do you have other desires or careers you would like to pursue?
I think that music will always be a part of all of our lives. I also know that nothing last forever so we are just going to ride this band until God tells us to put it away. I know that when that day comes we will all be at peace about it. But honestly I don’t see that happening any time soon at all. As far as careers go I know Matt is working on his English degree I don’t know what everybody else wants to do. I am a youth pastor so I just want to build up my kids and see them go out and change the world.

Cory: Have you ever been ridiculed for professing your faith on stage or off stage at a show? Actually the only time I have been ridiculed was for my music and that was at a church so that was pretty sad. Kids actually respond really well to our message and what we are about. I think it’s because as I said earlier we are into listening to them not just preaching.

Cory: A lot of bands nowadays claim the Christians in a band? and play just regular music with non-christian lyrics. What is your opinion on this subject?
I think that music is a very powerful tool and also a beautiful thing. I would say it’s debatable to say what are Christian lyrics and what are not. We believe that The Truth is the Truth rather a Christian is stating it or a pagan. God knows the truth so when people sing about loving people or compassion I think that’s a valid Godly subject to sing about and it glorifies God as well as a band singing about how much they love Jesus both are valid. I’m not a personal fan of negative messages and I think that both Christian and non-Christians bands are guilty of that. So in short if a “Christian” band wants to only sing about life girls nature. That’s fine with me as long as it’s not a negative message.

Cory: Well thanks for your time any last words to chew on?
ya man thanks soooooooo much for what you guys are doing for the scene and for the Kingdom. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Guest Writer