Brenda of LINK Global

In the mid-1990s over a million people died on the other side of the world and hardly anybody noticed. Millions starved hundreds of thousands were imprisoned in concentration camps and tens of thousands crossed borders seeking food money protection and even freedom that they never knew existed. That place was and continues to be a land with virtually no freedoms – of speech assembly religion movement and more.

Bryce:Well today I have the opportunity of interviewing one of our devotional writers. Brenda has recently joined the staff and now has four devotionals under her belt. So what makes Brenda interviewworthy? Well she is part of an amazing upstart non-profit that I think you need to hear about. How are you doing today Brenda?

Bryce: Excellent. I mentioned you worked for an NPO but I didn’t mention the name. Tell us a little bit about LiNK what is it aside from a way to get from website to website??

Bryce: How does LiNK fit in with the human rights crisis happening in North Korea aside from sending teams to raise awareness?

Bryce: That is amazing. To date how many refugees has LiNK emancipated? LiNK has rescued and resettled 35 refugees. it’s remarkable to me that we were able to successfully rescue and resettle those 35 individuals in a matter of one year.

anything like me they didn’t know much of anything about the North Korean situation much less what they can do about it. What are some ways that LiNK gives for the average joe or joline to help out?

The truth is we can’t do this alone. We have several ways for people to get involved!

Another way is to become an intern or a LiNK Nomad. You could be on the front lines of this issue shedding light in a unique grassroots style. 9 lives is a commitment of $9 or more a month. This furthers LiNK’s programs and provides sustainability to our organization. We truly believe in the power of many individuals giving a small amount. Without our 9 Lives donors LiNK would not exist.

Brenda: I believe that we have been called by God to feed the hungry assist the needy and love the oppressed. The social injustices going on inside North Korea as well as the refugee crisis in China is something that completely breaks my heart. I feel a responsibility to do my part in fighting for the rights and freedom of these people. I believe Jesus is pleased with that.

This empowers me to continue fighting because I feel as though these people are my brothers and sisters.

Brenda: Amen brother.

Brenda: One of the biggest misconceptions I believe people have is that there isn’t anything they can do because they’re too young too poor or only one person — what good will this do? That is what we hear more than anything else (which is why we have several avenues for all types of people to get involved!).

Lastly I’d say a common misconception is that there isn’t in fact a “social justice issue” going on in let’s say North Korea for example because ‘their government is corrupt so that directly means that the people of the country are corrupt too.’ This is something I personally had to become educated on. I think this derives from media portraying certain people groups in a poor light and also because of our education system and the lack of discussing these issues.

Brenda: I would definitely recommend people to look into a non-profit called Krochet Kids (As much as I think it’s crucial to get involved in international social injustice issues I think it’s important to not forget to look within yourown community. Let’s face it our world is surrounded by injustice. We have been called to love the unlovable and tend to the needy both overseas and right next door.

Brenda: Thanks Bryce. It means a lot that you would give me this opportunity to talk about something so dear to my heart.

And also pray for opportunities for us. We believe that knowledge is power and the more chances we have to share the stories of the North Korean people the more likely it is we will see change and essentially liberty in North Korea.