Bloodlined Calligraphy

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Ally French the crazy good vocalist of Facedown Records artist Bloodlined Calligraphy.

CCM: Who are the members of Bloodlined Calligraphy and what do they do?
Ally: I’m Ally and I do vocals. Eric plays bass. Carter plays drums. Ryan and Shawn both play guitar.

CCM: How long have you been in the band?
Ally: A year and a half.

CCM: Does Bloodlined Calligraphy consider themselves a Christian hardcore band?
Ally: Yes.

CCM: Was it difficult to get started considering the fact that you’re from a small town in Michigan?
Ally: Um I don’t really know because I had already joined the band after they had established themselves. They’ve been a band since 1996. It must have been hard though because they’re just now getting recognition for what they’ve been doing for a while.

CCM: How did the band get hooked up with Facedown Records?
Ally: We were playing a show with Sinai Beach. Jason (the owner of Facedown) was on tour with them and he watched us play and afterwards he told us he wanted us to sign with them the next day. We got signed off of our live show I guess.

CCM: The new album “They Want You Silent” comes out April 26th on Facedown. What would you say are some of the differences between this and “The Beginning of the End?”
Ally: Uh just about everything! Vocally musically it’s a lot more raw a lot tougher but still the metal feel we’re known for. It’s a pretty freaking good album!

CCM: Does the title hold any significance?
Ally: Yeah. Basically we just feel like as Christians people want us to shut our mouths and not talk about what we believe. We’re not gonna be silent about our God. That’s just not how we’re going to roll.

CCM: You’re about to go on tour with Jesus Wept. Are there any anxieties before launching a tour?
Ally: Basically yeah. There’s always a huge financial anxiety. You never know if kids are gonna show up or if the promoter did their job. It’s hard being a Christian band because I don’t know it’s harder to get kids to come out. Maybe they just don’t like us.

CCM: Which bands would you love to tour with that you haven’t yet?
Ally: Hmm Terror. I know Eric would say Terror and I would say Terror and Carter would say Alabama. Or Boston or something he’s so weird.

CCM: What albums have impressed you most lately?
Ally: Comeback Kid’s new album “Wake the Dead.” The new Symphony in Peril is good and the Alove for Enemies. Yeah those are the only ones coming to mind.

CCM: What’s the one question you’d like to be asked by an interviewer?
Ally: Uh that’s a weird question man! Nobody ever asked me what my favorite food is. You would think that they would have because it’s a common question and i love food!
Well I’d like to say thanks for taking the time out.

CCM: Any last words?
Ally: Just buy the cd. Definately!

Guest Writer