CCM: Who makes up your band? I understand you recently had a new addition. How long have you been a band?

Josh Moore-sings-guitar
Dusty Redmon-guitar
Johnny Smrdel-bass
Joe Musten-drums
Matt Harrison-guitar
Johnny is the newest edition. his first show is actually tonite with us. he is working out wonderful and he is one of our best friends. so he was the perfect person we felt to do the job.

CCM: What best describes your style? who are you influences?

JOSH: I would say we are best described as a hardcore band. I think you can say melodic” hardcore or whatever you want but when it comes down to it we are just a hardcore band. we just sing a little bit more than most. Our influences as a band are very broad. everything from buried alive to radiohead. just tons of different styles.

CCM: Why choose SolidState records?

JOSH: We have been fans of all the solid state bands for many years. we have looked up to alot of the bands on the label. it was just a label that we always wanted to be a part of and it’s such a blessing being able to work with them. things have been nothing short of amazing so far.

CCM: Is being on SolidState Records opening up a lot of doors for you?

JOSH: I think alot more kids are being able to hear about us through solid state. thats the main thing. i just think kids see a new band on solid state and they will check it out.

CCM: What is the driving force behind your band?

JOSH: I think the driving force behind Beloved is definitely our love for Jesus and our love for everyone. we just want to be able to play music we like and be able to lift people up and encourage them and show them there is a hope.

CCM: How was touring? I know a good number of bands that had a tough time with touring this summer what were your experiences?

JOSH: We had a small tour this summer up to cornerstone with underoath then after cornerstone with mewithoutyou. there is no way i could express in words how incredible touring with these guys is. it’s the best thing i have ever done. underoath are some funny dudes and going out with them is always a blast. and for me personally mewithoutyou was such a blessing on our lives. they are just such a good band and such good people. our experience was something unforgettable.

CCM: How are you guys received in the “secular” market?

JOSH: We are recieved really well in the secular market. that’s where we want to be thats where i think i should be. we love all the kids that would come support us at a church or another christian venue but i really feel we should be there for the kids who have no hope who don’t know God or love. We have just always tried to be cool to people and other secular bands. I think those people see that we are real and that we love people and we aren’t just saying it on the mic and getting off stage and acting a different way. we are by no means perfect and we all have so much we need to work on. but i think people see that we aren’t trying to be perfect and that we are just taking each day at a time. and i think that’s something they can see in their own lives and identify with. the people in the “secular” market have been some of the most amazing loving people we have ever met.

CCM: How do you go about writing songs?

JOSH: Umm we usually bring an idea to practice and just jam out ideas until we come up with something that everyone agrees on. as far as lyrics its kind of weird. i sing as well as our drummer(joe) who does the tough guy screamin hardcore stuff. so usually i’ll have an idea and write something stuff down and give it to him and he work on some stuff then we just come together and make sure our lyrics fit together.

CCM: Is it pretty cool being on a label with greats like Zao Living Sacrifice Blindside or just another day?

JOSH: Oh like i said early it’s so crazy that we get to be on a label with some of our “classics”. matt and joe used to rock out to living sacrifice in middle school and we never thought we would be on the same label as them. Once we were on the label all the bands were super cool to us and it made it seem like “just another day” if that makes sense. all these bands are real humble cool people. blindside is so cool. i just want to say i really respect them. i saw there video on MTV the other night. they rock.

CCM: What are your thoughts about the Christian hardcore scene? (just curious) have you ever noticed that lots of people look like monkeys while hardcore dancing?

JOSH: I think hardcore dancing is great. i love seeing kids dance and tear it up. i think the unity in the christian hardcore scene is great with bands like figure four and NIV and with all the zines like Flame Resistant. these people are really trying to make a difference in kids. i think hardcore is really a powerful form of music and i think kids should look deeper into it then just “moshing” or screaming along pointing their finger. alot of these bands are saying something worth hearing.

CCM: What do you think about Christians being divided because of music preference such as the Punk the hardcore kids the ska kids etc? Do you noticed much segragation like that in your area?

JOSH: Umm mostly i just see a segragation between the christian kids and the other kids at shows. it seems like christian kids will only come out for a christian band but when a local band get’s up there they will just stand outside or leave. i just think its important to respect and show love to these other bands.

CCM: How do you deal with it when you see it?

JOSH: i guess the only thing i can do is try and show support and set an example.

CCM: How do you guys prepare for a show?

JOSH: to prepare for a show we usually just go eat somewhere and get real full probably bar-b-que or something. i usually just stretch some before we play. besides that we just sit around and talk to people. i wish we had some cool ritual but we don’t.

CCM: What can we be praying for you guys about?

JOSH: It would be great if people could pray for our new record. we are still writing and we have about a month left till we go into the studio. it’s our first full length with solid state and we want it to be something worthwhile.

CCM: Is there anything else you would like to add?

JOSH: Everyone go check out

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