Zach: alright so what part of beloved to play?
Josh: My name is Josh: Moore and I sing and play guitar in beloved.

Zach: how do you feel about the success of failure on?
Josh: Umm I feel pretty good about our album. We worked on writing it for about 2 years and we have spent about 7 months on the road touring in support of it. So whatever comes from that we will take.

Zach: do you have any visions or goals as a band in the near future?
Josh: I would just like to continue touring and getting on bigger and better tours. Also I would just like to continue to challenge ourselves musically.

Zach: what would you say the message of beloved is? whats its purpose?
Josh: I think our music and our band as people have an overall message of hope that we would like to convey. We carry this hope in our own lives and so its just as big a part of our band.

Zach: I’ve always been interested in each bands story whats the craziest thingthats happend while you were on tour?
Josh: The craziest thing I saw on this last tour was guys from comeback kid and evergreen terrace flipping some dudes porsche in an alley.

Zach: what are your takes on the christian music scene now days?
Josh: I think nowadays that the lines are more blurred between a christian scene and any other scene. I would hope that there would be more of a christian influence on the mainstream and not a distinction to be it’s own “christian” scene.

Zach: what would you change?
Josh: I would just encourage christian artists to take their faith and love and life and put it into place.

Zach: same as with the church what are your views on the church?
Josh: For me personally I just attend a church where i feel comfortable as well as challenged. I think the church i attend helps me grow spirtually and i think thats the most important thing.

Zach: how did beloved first get started? where did everyone meet everyone?
Josh: We all met in high school pretty much. We did our first practices in the chapel of our church.

Zach: is there anything you and your band mates would have changed?
Josh: I think everything has progressed at the right time. Of course we would want to change the mistakes and hard times but those have gotten us where we are.

Zach: who are your musical influences?
Josh: Right now I am really into this band Muse. I like a lot of softer music. I recently got into this band eastmountainsouth.

Zach: also who are your heros? like idols people you look up to?
Josh: I look up to Bono from U2. I think he is one of the best examples of a christian artist putting his faith and love into action. He has one of the most pure voices as well.

Zach: thank you for your time I have really appreciated this. God Bless witheverything you guys do.

Guest Writer