B is bridgie

With a gradual building pulse B is Bridgie is gathering up all its resources to make some noise. B is Bridgie create songs with a friendly upbeat sound that screams the 90’s. It makes sense being that one of the members is Jonathan Caro ex-member of Stairwell/Bloodshed and the other is Kimberly Caro in her debut performance. This Duo seeks to establish themselves as an active record-making and live act entity and is happy with whatever level that may be. Whether it will be a show just for the staff at a coffee shop or at a sold out crowd at a live theatre B is Bridige will go with the flow.

Sara: Who are the lovely people in the interview seat today?

Sara: I know this is a pretty thought-provoking question to open an interview with but if you were invited to a potluck what dish do you think you would bring?

Jon: Adobo

Kim: B is Bridgie started in my bedroom. Before Jon was involved my dad would write worship music on his keyboard and I would use my computer microphone to record myself. I posted the snippets up on Myspace back in the day. Then I got a little confidence and asked Jon — my boyfriend back then now my husband — to write me music. I mostly used a bunch of my “words” (not poems!) to squish into what he wrote instrumentally. He helps me with melodys. We have been doing this together since 2007.

Sara: That is such a unique story. it’s always awesome when couples find something in common that they can both be passionate about especially something so special. Who else is in the band?

Sara: Who writes the songs?

Jon: Both

Jon: It varies from song to song.

Kim: it’s my aunts screen name. She is cute and very creative. I love everything about her. If you look on any of our social network sites you can see who she is. I post silly pictures of her costumes and shoes etc.

Kim: I am in love with making music videos for all of our songs so I am hoping to get a few more videos out this year. I would also love to have an EP with the older songs this year and a full length out with all new songs by next year. We are also praying about adding some new members soon.

Jon: An upcoming demo. We are coming out with an EP within a month with new songs. Also we are playing Stageit on Sunday September 8th at 2pm.

Kim: I do like “She” a lot. That was sort of a dream I had but so was “The Documentary”

Sara: I was checking out your documentaries on YouTube. They are lovely! Can we expect to see more?

Jon: Yes definitely more videos

Kim: Yes I am really shy. I usually don’t want to be in the room with Jon while I sing… I think I have gotten a little better about that. Right Jon?

Sara: Aw well some of the “musical greats” started out shy! Nothing wrong with that! Here is our most important question so far what can your fans and the readers be praying about with you guys as a band?

Jon: That we get our personal lives with God on track.

Kim: Peace Love and bottle caps!

Guest Writer