As Cities Burn

Cory: Whom is this from As Cities Burn and what do you play in the band?
Colin: this is colin and i play guitar.

Cory: How did As Cities Burn get started?
Colin: it’s a really long story but cody and i have been in various bands together for about 6 years. we played with pascals old band they broke up so he joined. tj was just a friend and brother that started singing. when we lost our drummer aaron had heard of us all the way from little rock came down to try out and eventually joined. we began to play locally in baton rouge our first shows were at the legion hall in denham springs and ichabods on chimes street.

Cory: What is ACB goal as a band and for you individually?
Colin: i think our goal as a band is to inspire anyone who listens to our music. i think we all understand that there is so much more to being in a band than making music or rocking out it all seems trite without some kind of purpose. we hope that kids can be encouraged or can relate to some of the topics we deal with in our lyrics. really if anyone can take something away from our music that helps them grow i think we’ve reached our goal. as far as my own goals they’re much the same as the band’s goals i love doing this because it keeps me in touch with so many people. when you get emails from kids saying how this song helped them or they can relate to another song you feel like there is a reason why everything is happening as it is.

Cory: What is ACB’s influences as a band?
Colin: our influences are: jimmy eat world coheed further death cab the chariot hopesfall and collectively everything that we’ve listened to since we were kids. everything you listen to influences you in some way whether you would want it to or not.

Cory: How has your faith effected the band in music shows and touring?
Colin: i think our individual beliefs are always effecting everything that we do and every aspect of the band.
Cory: Is ACB signed with Solid State or are they just helping you publish

the album? What’s going on there?
Colin: we recently signed to solidstate so they will be putting out our next couple of albums
Cory: How amazing was the Youngbloods tour? I mean to tour with some

awesome bands that must have been an amazing blessing and it also
got your name out there real well.

Colin: the youngbloods tour was great we made some amazing friends and played some excellent shows. it was great to be in front of big crowds in cities that we had never played all in all the tour was a huge success and we can’t wait to go out with each of the bands individually.

Cory: What is your favorite place to tour?
Colin: little rock springfield (missouri) and nashville are always great to us. you can’t be a home show though the kids at home are amazing.

Cory: Your in the studio right now so how is the recording going along?
Colin: we actually just finished the recording and it sounds amazing. i don’t think we expected for it to turn out as well as it did we’re all extremely excited for everyone to hear it.

Cory: What is the estimated time of arrival on your album?
Colin: june 21st is the official release date.

Guest Writer