With melodic harmonizing guitars catchy choruses in your face riffs explosive double bass and a pounding low end bass guitar The Texas Christian Metal/Hard Rock outfit Arisen has it all. Originating in New Braunfels Texas the band has played shows at Harmony Sweet in New Braunfels Texas and also The White Rabbit in San Antonio Texas. Long time friends Jonathan Norris(guitar) and Cameron Huser(Bass) set out look for prospective members in the summer of 2011. Not too much later the two recruited Alejandro Guerra on drums in August and two months later found the longtime awaited vocalist Jeremy Landry. Sharing the same Christian beliefs as one another they decided to come up with a name that would represent their love for Christ and chose to use scripture to come up with a name idea. (1 Corinthians 15:12-22) is the story of the resurrection of Christ from the dead and from that scripture we get that Christ has Arisen” and that is where it all began. Arisen has released a self-produced demo for promotion. An EP to be released in April of 2012. Arisen will be playing shows to promote their upcoming EP all across Texas so keep your eyes and ears open Arisen is back on the scene.”

ChristCore: Here with us is Arisen from New Braunfels Texas. Why don’t you start out by telling us how the band got started?

Jonathan Norris: We started a little over a year ago. We played a show at The White Rabbit played a couple shows but then we lost our vocalist. So we’ve been looking for the right members for a while.

CC: So now you have a new vocalist?

Jeremy Landry: Yep. My name is Jeremy.

CC: So tell us what it’s like to be a part of Arisen now?

Jeremy: It’s a lot of fun! The last band I was a part of felt more like a job. Um this band it…it just feels like a hobby. I can have some fun hang with some dudes that are really cool and do what I love to do.

CC: How did you guys meet? Were you already friends or…”

Jonathan: We actually met through Facebook.

Jeremy: Yeah um Cameron and Jonathan were friends. I don’t know how they met Alejandro (drummer) but I advertised on The White Rabbit page and they contacted me. We got together and that’s pretty much how that went.

CC: Tonight you guys played a show. How did that go?

Jeremy: This show went really well. One word describe it?

Jonathan: Fun.

Jeremy: Fun?! Wow!

CC: Well Arisen is coming back this year. Tell us what you have planned for the New Year?

Aaron (Manager): The EP is going to come out in May. So hopefully we are going to get them around to San Antonio Austin even Corpus [Christi] and Dallas within the next couple of months. And in the summer we will be really hitting it hard. They’ve been recording with Vincent [Costello] and they should have that done in the next month.

CC: What can we expect on the new EP?

Jeremy: Hard-hitting absolutely insane music. [There will be] sweet melody breakdowns really just well-done music not this normal breakdown stuff that you get from San Antonio. What who said that? (Laughs)

CC: Describe your sound to another band?

Cameron Huser: As I Lay Dying.

Alejandro: As I Lay Dying.

Jonathan: Maybe Killswitch Engage or All That Remains? More chorus-driven stuff.

Jeremy: I would say ABR As I Lay Dying mixed with [The] Devil Wears Prada.

CC: What is the message for the new EP?

Jeremy: It’s for everyone who feels like they can’t do something that you love to do because people try to discourage you. You can do anything even if you have to break yourself or break someone else; you can always be put back together.

CC: Do you consider yourself a Christian band?

Jeremy: Absolutely.

CC: Any final words for the fans?

Jeremy: Be on the lookout; be ready for May. We are Arisen 2012 and we’re hitting it hard.[There will be] sweet melody breakdowns really just well done music. We are Arisen 2012 and we’re hitting it hard.

Guest Writer