a love for enemies

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot off a few questions to ALFE (A Love For Enemies) I’d have to say I greatly enjoyed this interview and the fact that their honesty and faith gets incorporated into their music. It has to be understood that unless you are honest in the HxC scene” then people will not respect you. ALFE uses as much honesty as they can for being human and trying to live their lives for Christ and for the honesty that hardcore music asks for. Lets look into the music the interview and beyond.

Len: Who’s this that I have the pleasure of talking to?
Erich ALFE: Erich I?m the vocalist for ALFE

Len: Who all makes up Alove For Enemies?
Erich: myself-vocals dan & bill – guitar jon – drums and matt – bass

Len: How long has ALFE been around what were the beginnings and any more notable history?
Erich: The band itself has been around since 2000 but not really as a serious project til’ 2001. I am actually the only original member The way I found the guys in the band now was totally and quite seriously an act of God.

Len: What’s ALFE’s discography (releases) and could you tell me some of the significant points?
Erich: We put out a EP on polytope records entitled “the truth of trumpets” a year later the silent rival EP came out on blessed killing records and this past december “broken pledge” came out on Strike First Records. “Broken Pledge” is significant because it captures the sound of ALFE that we have been developing since 2001. The truth of trumpets was def. more of a straight-up metal CD. Our latest release really captures our growth as a band.

Len: Does the future of ALFE look bright?
Erich: I think so! God has been blessing us so much this past year and it gets better by the day.

Len: What’s so intriguing about Jesus Christ?
Erich: That he was the only human being to love everyone and that’s not the most incredible part He did so unconditionally regardless of who people were or what they believed.

Len: What’s the meaning behind ALFE?
Erich: I took if from Matthew 5:44 at the time ALFE was first conceived I was a “new christian” and really took interest in that whole verse that no matter who wrongs you you continue to do good to them. I think that fundamental is something we often forget and the band name it self is a constant reminderto us.

Len: Are there any summer tour plans for ALFE?
Erich: YEAH! We are going out all summer with our good friends from home Anterrabae (Triple Crown Records)

Len: Why the genre of hardcore?
Erich: When I was younger I found hardcore to be a place where people can go and share there beliefs and feelings with each other ever since my first hardcore show I’ve been hooked on the hardcore scene.

Len: Where’s ALFE from?
Erich: Long Island New York

Len: How has it been incorporating faith with hardcore?
Erich: It is tough at times but I find that if you truly stand for something and you don’t back down people will respect you even if they disagree with everything you are saying. Thanks to bands like strongarm and no innocent victim the hardcore scene is for the most part pretty accepting.

Len: As a band in this musical world where does ALFE strive to leave its niche?
Erich: I think to just continue to develop our sound the best we can and make sure we keep it fun. I don’t feel we are looking to break musical boundaries we just try to write good interesting songs.

Len: ALFE’s “mission statement” is: “to educate with love to minimize > misconceptions and to make as many friends as possible”. Why’s this?
Erich: Well sometimes Christians(not all of them) when talking about their faith come down too hard on people that’s why we say to educate with love to teach people about God but not in a threating way. Misconceptions are the biggest foe (next to satan) because they give people a really twisted view on who Jesus is and what he is about. And making friends- that is what people like Paul did in the Gospels he traveled around spreading the good news and meeting all sorts of people that’s what we would like to do.

Len: How has it been being on Polytope Records then Strike First Records and > now Facedown Records?
Erich: Polytope was good because they were the first ones to give us a chance The people at Facedown/Strike First are awesome it is really a blessing to be working with them.

Len: What are some of the highlights with each one?
Erich: Well polytope did the best they could for us they helped us get our music out there for the first time. Facedown is great! they are really helping us out and the other bands and staff are all passionate about what they do it really is like a family I feel like I can email or even call anyone involved with facedown just to talk or ask for prayer or anything and they will be there for us.

Len: Has the diversity of syles of music that each band member brings changed the > sound at all?
Erich: Yea I would definately say so. Bill is a very technical guitar player with lots of metal influences Dan was brought up on old school hardcore and punk so that tends to be a great mix. Matt is one of the best bassists i’ve ever seen let alone play with and his stage pressence is awesome Jon is a very technical drummer who listens to all sorts of stuff my favorite band is the Cure so there is def a lot of diversity in the band it helps us grow.

Len: What can people expect to hear when ALFE’s first full-Length comes out?
Erich: We are working on a record that will flow nicely the kind of cd you put in and don’t have to skip songs and a record that has an overall theme- or feel to it. something that incorporates our current sound with some new things mixed in.

Len: Has the response to ALFE’s latest EP “Broken Pledge” (Strike First) been well received?
Erich: Yes more than I could’ve imagined when we got to CA for facedown fest I was shocked when the kids were singing along considering we have never been to the west coast at all before that.

Len: What are some of the festivals that ALFE will attend this summer?
Erich: We will be at c-stone sonshine festival bottle rocket fest and possibly more.

Len: How was it with Dean Batalonis producing “Broken Pledge”?
Erich: Dean is great he’s a guy that knows his stuff and won’t hesitate to be honest with you. he also doesn’t let you get lazy or cut corners he made Jon do one drum roll like 50 times and made me sing the same song about 10 times.

Len: What other bands has Dean produced for?
Erich: Sick of it All agnostic front and more.

Len: Where can people find music or information on ALFE on the internet at?
Erich: Our web site is

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