Wonder Woman’s New Threads

So I figured out why I don’t like the new Wonder Woman costume, even though I do. I mean, there is no denying it’s RAD. It looks REALLY good. Pretty kick butt, actually. There’s just one tiny thing: It’s not a WONDER WOMAN costume.

If you want to make a film about any other obscure, superpowered, Amazonian warrior princess this is THE outfit for such a venture! (Which would be more than fine by me. I’m all for more female leads in popular films.) But if you want to make a movie with Wonder Woman? PUT HER IN A WONDER WOMAN COSTUME. PERIOD.

Wonder Woman and her traditional dress are iconic and should be regarded as such by the makers of this film. She ought to be treated with the same respect as her male (and female) counterparts. Supes and Bats are in variant versions of their traditional costumes. For that matter, so are Green Lantern, Captain America, Black Widow, IronMan… Even Hulk had his purple shorts, for crying out loud! If the spanks are an issue logistically, put her in the 1940’s era skirt. If the style or colors look too dated, give her the New 52 treatment. But for the love of all that is wondrous, give us the uniform of Wonder Woman!!!

My theory, or at least my HOPE, is that this garb is not the final getup.  I posit this is Amazonian battle armor. For those who don’t know, she didn’t wear the Stars and Stripes at home. The garment we are all familiar with came after she won the Bullets and Bracelts contest to determine which Amazon would be the ambassador of Themyscira to Patriarch’s World. Once she sets out, she wears the starred, red and blue leotard and the golden girdle of Gaea to fulfill her mission. Ultimately, to see her don ANY version of the traditional Wonder Woman costume in future installments, would be perfect.

I am eager to see what the DC Cinematic Universe has in store for the legendary Princess Diana. Now is the time!!! Bring on the world’s first (and cinematically longest awaited) superheroine! And please, oh please, give us an authentic Wonder Woman uniform at some point, DC. We’re counting on you to be the heroes and do the right thing. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

Written By:
Sierra O’Loughlin

Sierra O'Loughlin
I am a wife (sixteen years), mother (fourteen & eleven years), and believer (eighteen years). I love reading, movies, Superman, baking, and writing. I have over 1500 comic books and forty-eight superhero t-shirts. It's a small obsession. I have worked as a teacher's aide for six years at a small private school, and am currently working only as a substitute to spend more time with family and to do more writing. I am truly blessed.