Opinion: Should you upgrade to iOS 9?

Apple has officially released iOS 9, packing some “under the hood” improvements, Multitasking, as well as some new features. For jailbreakers, and even for normal users, many will wonder: “Should I upgrade now?”

The short answer: it depends. I will shamelessly admit that I am an “Apple fanboy,” so I am usually excited about their releases. iOS 9, however, is a rather bland update. Sure, some noticeable changes include the News app, an updated Notes app, a new, system-wide font, transit directions (in few locations), and a Low Power Mode. The News app is exactly what it sounds like, an Apple-created app that learns about your favorite topics and news sources to provide you with personalized articles in a sleek, modern-looking feed. The updated Notes app has been revamped with quite a few useful features. Users have new formatting options (heading, checklists, numbered lists, etc.), the ability to insert photos, a new Sketch feature, and a new way to embed links into your notes. Low Power Mode does as advertised; once enabled, the phone will stop automatically fetching background data and drastically cut down CPU performance. Check out the video at the end of this post for an in-depth look at iOS 9.

Credit: Apple
Credit: Apple

But, as opposed to previous releases, Apple’s aim was to focus on quality rather than quantity with iOS 9. Though, many will argue this point considering iOS 9 left many stuck on a particular update screen. Since then, Apple has remedied this problem with the release of iOS 9.0.1.

Setting aside these problems, the efficiency of iOS 9 is touted as providing users with an extra hour of battery life, not to mention the extended battery life to be gained by using Low Power Mode. It also helps with the phone and app crashes caused by previous iOS iterations. In this update, Apple has managed to even drastically cut down the size of the update. Previous iOS releases were up to 4 GB in size, forcing many to delete apps and content in order to make room for the update. With iOS 9, Apple has got the update down to 1.3 GB and has added a new feature where the phone will temporarily delete apps to make room for the software. Nifty for those with 16 GB iPhone models.

What about jailbreakers? They’ll want to stay away from updating, no doubt. I’m sure those “in the know” understand that, since may Apple updates kill major jailbreak exploits. Those running iOS 8.4 and wish to stay there should do so. Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.4, but not iOS 8.4.1. Within in the next week or so, however, they may stop signing everything below iOS 9. For those with the new iPhones, iOS 9 is a given and should be, considering iOS 9 is made with these phones in mind.

Watch The Verge‘s video on iOS 9:

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