Marvel Event: Phase 3 reveals Marvel’s endgame

This is an exciting time to be a fan of superhero movies. Rumors have been circulating about various character popping up in the Marvel cinematic universe, and huge waves were made when reported that Robert Downey Jr. was in final negotiations to appear in Captain America 3. Other reports indicate that Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC’s Sherlock, Star Trek: Into Darkness) is closing a deal that will make him our Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. In response to Marvel’s news, DC announced their movie slate for the next 5 years including titles such as Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, The Flash/Aquaman, and Justice League (Part 1 and 2).

This, then, leads us to the highly-anticipated Marvel event that was held recently. Many speculated that Marvel Studios would confirm its acquisition of the Spiderman movie rights, but others believed they would just announce their unknown titles spread out over the next 5 years. Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios) took to the stage to announce Phase 3 and the titles of those films. The presentation included a curveball when, despite the rumors of Marvel following the Civil War storyline, the title “Captain America: Serpent Society” was announced. This was, of course, a joke as the title was later revealed to be “Captain America: Civil War.”robert-downey-jr-chris-evans-marvel-event-1

Robert Downey Jr. And Chris Evans will indeed be squaring off in the next Captain America film. Judging from the clips of Avengers: Age of Ultron shown at the event, the tensions between Tony Stark and Captain Rogers will intensify during the course of that film. A major story arc in the Civil War storyline that Marvel is missing involves a certain wall-crawler, but they may have found their answer in Chadwick Boseman. The actor took stage as he was announced as Black Panther.

robert-downey-jr-chadwick-boseman-chris-evans-marvel-eventBoseman is said to play a prominent role in the Civil War film, perhaps replacing Spider-Man as the character torn between the opposing forces. Black Panther may make an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Andy Serkis’ character is believed to portray his arch nemesis, Klaw. Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.

Another major sequel was announced and it follows Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. Alongside the other titles, Thor: Ragnarok was unveiled to the public. This film will surely mean an “end of all things,” and may involve the deceptive Loki (Tom Hiddleston) as he is now sitting on the throne of Asgard. Hiddleston has been confirmed to return for the Thor sequel and audiences should expect some major changes to the universe after this film.

A female-led superhero film is also in the works as Marvel announced they’re introducing Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel! This means that Marvel will be developing their first african american and female-led films. Not much is known about the Captain Marvel film but audiences can expect the film in 2018. Here is the full slate announced at the event…MovieSlate

After announcing so many titles, what is Marvel’s endgame? As predicted, the Marvel cinematic universe is working its way up to the villain behind the scenes… the mad titan, Thanos. Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 & 2 will likely see the Earth’s mightiest heroes team up against Thanos (Josh Brolin) as he wreaks havoc using the Infinity Gems. Audiences have been gradually introduced to the Infinity Gems in Avengers, Thor: Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other films have hinted towards their existence. The Mad Titan is definitely going to have to step up his game in the coming films because, as of now, he has zero Infinity Gems. Embarrassing much?

Due to the upcoming titles announced at the Marvel event, audiences can only speculate what will occur between now and the Infinity War. What will become of Iron Man and Captain Rogers’ bout in Civil War? How do newcomers Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Captain Marvel, and Guardians of the Galaxy fit into the war? How will Thanos recover all of the Infinity Gems? Only time will tell…

Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.
Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.