How To: Repurpose CD Spindle into an iPad Stand

Quick nerd tip… Do you have any old CD spindles around??? Did you know you could use them for other things? One of the greatest I’ve heard is a bagel holder for work. Do you like bagels? Turns out a 25 CD spindle holder works well to keep your bagel together from home to work. Want to put a little extra meat in it today? Maybe go for the 50 CD spindle. I got that from the “How to Do Everything” podcast. You can see it in action in the video below.

Today at work I realized I forgot my iPad stand at home #firstworldproblems #amiright? #sorryimdone. What to do? What to do? Then I remembered that last Friday my cubicle buddy Taylor dropped off a DVD spindle on my desk. I thought to myself, I wonder if these two things will play nice. Turns out they did and now I have a iPad stand for my desk woohooo!! Ingenuity for the win!

Those are the two things I have heard of, any other ideas for repurposing CD spindles?

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Bryce Cooley
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