How To: Bad Movie Night

Years ago my friends and I started a tradition we called “Bad Movie Night,” hence the name of this post.  I can’t take credit for being the originator of this idea, mystery science theater 3,000 gets that honor, but we perfected it.  Now-a-days “Bad Movie Night” could easily be called “Netflix Movie Night” because let’s be honest, there are a lot of bad movies on Netflix.  But, I’m a man of tradition, for this post, so “Bad Movie Night” it is.  ”But Bryce, why would I purposefully watch a bad movie?  Shouldn’t I spend my time on more important things?”  Yes, you absolutely should, however, sometimes it’s nice to relax and do nothing. For those times, I submit to you Bad Movie Night.  Let me break down this concept for you.

The Goal

Bad movie night is all about friendship.  It’s about bringing your friends together for an experience filled with laughter, witty banter, and OMG’s (Oh My Gosh’s).  We hope to honor the people that created such gems as Anklebiters, Sharknado, The Happening, Rubber, Snakes on a Plane, Army of Darkness and Ultraviolet.  Someone has to because Hollywood never will.

The Rules

  • Speak up – If you’ve seen MST3000 you know what makes it funny is the banter of the characters.  Now, you are the characters so banter away.
  • No Comedies – Please do yourself a favor, no comedies at bad movie night, the goal of a comedy is to make you laugh.  If a comedy is bad, it doesn’t make you laugh it leaves you with a void in your soul.  Stay away from comedies.
  • No Mistakes – If you think you see a plothole, bad editing, continuity errors, bad writing, bad acting, you’re wrong.  Sorry.  There are no errors in bad movies they are perfect, as they were meant to be.  Keep your inner movie critic at bay while watching your movie.
  • Don’t Torture Yourself – There have been a few movies we just couldn’t make it through.  Some movies are so bad, perfect as they may be, that it is impossible to finish.  For me “Ankelbiters” is that movie.  A movie about midget ghetto vampires who can walk around in the sun and are hunted by a overweight white Blade wannabe with a midget sidekick was a little to much.  But Bryce you say “They were searching for a sword with the blood of the last tall vampire so they could become tall.”   Yeah, I know.  It was terrible, we turned it off on three separate occassions.
  • Read the Back – Sadly a hallmark of a bad movie is often nudity, sexuality and language.  Make sure to read the back of the box to figure out what a movie is rated and why it’s rated that.  Go the extra mile and protect yourselves and your guests.
  • B-List 90′s action stars – Any movies made after 2002 from these actors are solid choices for bad movie night.
  • The Right Crowd – Make sure you invite friends that have a good sense of humor.
  • House Rules – Like any good game it’s better with house rules.  You know you, you know your friends tailor the rules to your circumstance.
  • Have Fun – Remember you’re watching a terrible movie.  Just have a good time, you’re only going to waste an hour and a half of your life.

That’s Bad Movie Night in a nutshell.  I suppose you have to be a specific kind of person to enjoy this kind of thing.  If this sounds good to you, let me know what movie you choose and how it went.


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