Brian’s Best of 2013

Here is last years best albums of the year in my opinion. I would love to hear yours!

1. Shreddy Krueger – The Grieving

Shreddy Krueger came out of nowhere and released this years best metal/rock album. Also, in my opinion the best album I  have listened to this year.

2. Starflyer 59 – IAMCEO

After leaving Tooth & Nail Records Starflyer 59 decided to launch a Kickstarter to fund their next album. This release may not be their best but it ranks up there pretty high on my list.

3. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito” is much different than their past releases, but sometimes new is good. Difference works to their advantage on this album. It is songs like “Area 52” and “Buried Alive” that bring it to the third spot on my list.

4.  Joy Electric – Dwarf Mountain Alphabet

Ronnie Martin has been at it for years. This album is unique in the fact that he is blending recent works like My Grandfather, The Cubist with older releases like ChristianSongs. The blend works really well.

5. Hellogoodbye – Everything is Debatable

Everything is Debatable is probably Hellogoodbye’s best effort yet. If you are a fan of pop punk / dance music this album is for you.

6. Golden Youth – Quiet Frame; Wild Light

Golden Youth has been floating around for a few years and was recently signed to Slospeak Records. Soon after being signed they released Quiet Frame; Wild Light. This album lands at number 6 because of its amazing artistic abilities, but is held back by feeling like a re-release of their first EP.

7. Norma Jean – Wrongdoers

What can I say it is Norma Jean! Great music awaits any listener that turns on Wrongdoers.

8. The Almost – Fear Inside Our Bones

Fear Inside Our Bones is  a slight disappointment compared to Monster, Monster, but still lands on my top ten for its catchy hooks and rock n’ roll feel.

9.  Icon For Hire – Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire had a ton of doubters when they released their first album Scripted. With their latest self-titled released they have silenced most of the skeptics.

10. The Letter Black – Rebuild

I’ve been a fan of The Letter Black since I saw them on one of their first tours with Skillet. They bring an edge to female-fronted rock bands that the Christian scene just hasn’t not be able to produce. With that being said this album shows some growth, but their is some space for improvement when it comes to musicianship.

Brian Morrissette