How To: iPhone 5s Slomo videos on Instagram

First off I want to give props to Billeh Edits x:… who gave me the idea for this video. He used the app TruSlomo whereas I used the app iMovie.

Moving on, I got the iPhone 5s recently and I was stoked to use the slomo. I was bummed though when I tried importing the video into instragram and it played at full speed and not the glorious 120 frames slowed down I was looking for. Eventually, I found a pretty simply way to do it and I figured i would share it with others.

For this tutorial I’m going to assume you have already filmed a video on the iPhone 5s using the Slomo setting in the Camera App.

If that this the case follow these instructions:

  • Open up iMovie on your iPhone.  If you do not currently have iMovie it’s free if you have an iPhone 5s so go download it!
  • Make sure the video tab is selected in the top left.
  • Fine the video you shot in “Slomo” and tap to select.
  • In the bottom right corner tap the share button and then “Create Movie”
  • If you’re adding this to an existing movie choose that here or click “Create New Movie.”
  • Here you can edit, trim, slow down, speed up and part of the video you want.  To do this Tap the video, once it’s highlighted yellow, your options are on the bottom right.  (see video above).  It’s good to remember that Instagram and Vine both have duration lengths for videos so keep this is mind while editing. 
  • When you’re down with your edits, tap the back arrow, Tap the Share Button and Tap “Save Video”
  • Choose your quality: 360p, 540p or 720p and let it export.
  • Once it’s completed check your Camera Roll for your newly created video.
  • Open up Instagram.
  • Tap the Camera.  Tap the Video Camera and open your camera roll.
  • Select the File you just created and import into Instagram.
  • At this point it works like any other footage but it has your slow motion masterpiece built in!

Let me know what you think, what methods do you use? I hope you have a great day!

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