You are Beautiful

Ok this may be weird because I'm a guy and what do I know. This could end up being a very short devotional or long, lets see where the spirit leads. So the following is for all the young girls, ladies, women.

It breaks my heart to see beautiful women out there thinking they are not beautiful because of what our society portrays as beauty. No matter what size or shape, you are beautiful. God cannot take his eyes off you. He is overjoyed at your smile, that is right, you have the ability to bring joy to God, how amazing is that. The cool thing about that is you don't need to do anything to deserve it. So many times I hear girls say things like "they will like me if…" or "if only I looked like her". The great thing is God is astounded at you PERIOD! There is nothing that could ever make him love you more, nothing you could do. Never feel you need to compromise yourself in anyway to please someone, no one deserves it, you are a gift to be treasured. You are more beautiful than rubies, the sparkle in your eye, the shine of your smile shines brighter and brings joy to the heart of God and of man. Your laugh resounds with the angels in heaven praising God and bringing joy to all around you. You are definatley not mediocre.

You are created in the image of God, God is perfect therefore you are perfect. There are no mistakes here, he didn't give you the wrong body type, the wrong voice, you are incredible. I have seen so many beautiful girls that think they aren't good enough because they don't look like all these airbrushed, skinny "beauties" on the cover of magazine. They feel that if they can just look as "beautiful" as them they will be happy. I found an interesting quote from Kim Alexis "A lot of people think beauty is a free ticket to happiness. It's not." This is a woman who was idolized by millions, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, and she is saying that it doesn't bring happiness. Well what does? Realize that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

Now this is a call to my brothers. Be a man, control yourself so you don't cause your sisters to fall. Your friends who are girls and your girlfriends are jewels to be prized. Protect them. Remember they are God's daughter, never take that for granted. Please, from the bottom of my heart, affirm them, let them know how beautiful they are.

Guest Writer