Where do I fit in?

How many times have you talked to people: nice, ordinary, just plain pleasant people and when you got to know them better, you found out that they are not Christians, but atheists or followers of some other religion? Have you then thought, “Is it really necessary to testify about Jesus? They seem to live right, give to the poor and are generally good people, better than most “Christians? I know??

I will tell you that these thoughts have crossed my mind, and I realized that these thoughts are one of the most dangerous weapons Satan uses to confuse Christians today. One thing you will have to understand is that there is no “gray area? in the eyes of the Lord. In life you will fit in either one of two categories; those who hear the full gospel of Jesus, accept Him as savior and then obey His commandments, or those who hear the full gospel of Jesus, reject Him as savior and rebel against God. Let me tell you clearly ” those nice people fit exactly into the second category and will go to hell when they die (if they do not accept Jesus in time). I know this seems blunt, but it is the honest truth (see John 14:6). We as Christians should do good because we love Jesus (John 14:15). I always say a measure of a person’s faith in Jesus is how faithfully he obeys God. There are a lot of people out there who call themselves Christians, but live quite happily in sin. Do not be misled ” they do not know or love Jesus (?If you love Me [Jesus], keep my commandments? ” John 14:15).

You and I have the responsibility of carrying the message of salvation to the lost. Times will come where we will be hated for doing so (Luke 6:22), but we have much to look forward to in the end. Bring Christ into every aspect of your life ” that is what the world wants to see. They need to see the power of God in you and how it affects your life. People are not interested in “Sunday Christians?, acting holy and holding up one big religious fa?ade. They are interested in what God is doing in your life, miracles that He is doing right now and how you are able to cope with life.

Where will you fit in? You will either be part of the bride, or you will be part of the harlot. Jesus loves you intensely, like a groom loves His bride. Do not cheat on Jesus.

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