To Those Who are Well.

And Jesus answered them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I have not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance." (Luke 6:1)

A lot of the time, we as Christians decide that we want to hide away in our churches or our youth groups or our retreats, or even within the confines of our hearts and minds. We realize and accept the amazing grace that God has bestowed upon us, his children. We get saved and we go into hiding. What once was so great and powerful in our lives is now but only a small part of it.

We use church and youth group, etc. as a sort of secret meeting place, as if this were some communist country where we might have to pay with our lives for proclaiming our God as Lord. Yeah, we are allowed to be afraid of persecution, but it is usually limited to wisecracks or jokes. Church isn'tmeant to be a hideout for scared so-called Christians, it is supposed to prepare its members to reach others and yet so often, more than likely, it is but a social and recreational meeting area. There's a little commentary on the church for you.

I'm writing this not only for you, but for myself as well. I hide to. I build my walls. But it's not supposed to be that way. We were meant for so much more than just to sit around keeping Christ to ourselves. It really is sickening. As believers, we know that we are outnumbered by those who don'tbelieve, and yet we do nothing about it. We look down on them. We put ourselves on some sort of pedestal. We forget that we too were once in their shoes. We had no idea what it meant to have grace, mercy, unconditional love. We were lost, just like everyone else. I'm not saying we should feel sorry for them, but I am saying there should be some sense of urgency.

Jesus didn't just refer to them as the unsaved or the non-believers. In his eyes, they are sick. Their sin nature he sees as a disease. His blood is the only thing that can cure it. But we withhold the cure from the sick because we're afraid of being laughed at. I get laughed at all the time for things a lot dumber than evangelism. It's not our job to make anyone believe (stealing a line from Emery there), but it is our job to give them the opportunity to believe.

So can we (and by we I am including myself) please stop being selfish, arrogant, prideful, scared, or whatever your excuse may be (although I'm just about 99% cure that just about all the excuses are covered by those four) and show this lost and dying world a new medicine in the man that is our physician, our Christ, Jesus himself? You don'thave to be a biblical scholar to be able to tell someone about Jesus, contrary to popular belief. It's really not that hard. You know what he has done in your life, just tell people that. Everybody longs for something they can place their hope in that isn'tgoing to give out tomorrow. They're longing for a genuine relationship, for love that exceeds these fallen hearts. Just show them that, show them love and they will see hope, they will see Christ.

I pray this finds you well. -Brandon

Guest Writer