The Christian Atheist

The Christian Atheist 

I just finished a book by Craig Groeschel, founder of LifeChurch.TV, and I must say it really spoke to my heart. So let me start my first devotional as a ChristCore writer by saying one thing: 

Hi, my name is Nick and I am a recovering Christian Atheist. 

No, you heard me right. 


You may be thinking to yourself, "He must be mistaken because you cannot possibly be a Christian and an Atheist." So I will explain. 

I lived a great life. My great-grandfather started a church in Terre Haute long before I was even a thought. So naturally my family had attended there for decades. I was no exception. For as long as I could remember, I had gone to First Baptist Church of North Terre Haute. 

As I got older, I still attended and everyone there knew me and my family. They knew I was a Christian. I attended Sundays with the occasional Wednesday. But sadly with the onset of high school, things began to change. I walked out of those doors and made the most critical mistake of my life (and trust me folks, I have made ALOT of them). 

I lived my life as if Christ did not exist. 

Thus the term, Christian Atheist. (Credit to Craig Groeschel) 

It took me many years to fully understand what I had done. I had dedicated myself to Christ, and I knew I believed in him, but my actions never were anywhere near to reflecting it…Sin upon Sin. 

I thought and still think to this day how can I ever be forgiven for this mutiny, this treason. And there is one verse that comes to mind. 

Galatians 1:4 says: "Who gave Himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father." 

God says that no matter our evil, no matter our sin, we are fogiven. Because of his death for us, we can be redeemed from the most evil sins in our life. Our lies, our hates, our thoughts. 

Pretty heavy huh? This is the basis of our faith, the fact that we have been broken and beaten people. And yet we are forgiven. That is love. 


I want you all to think about this. Shoot me a message. I would love to talk to you. If something is weighing on your heart and you need prayer, let me be there for you. Let US be there for you. 

With Love always, 


Guest Writer